Are Our Days Numbered?


Debbie Powell, International Association of Healing Rooms
Debbie Powell
International Association of Healing Rooms 

I have an amazing opportunity to be able to speak about the things that are on my heart. When Terry and Linda Chambers first asked me to speak I knew immediately that I wanted to share about regarding our length of days. However, God being God, it took a turn and I found myself writing about our identity in Christ.

After my sister died I began to think about what the Bible tells us about God knowing the number of our days. And again it came to mind after I read James Rubart's Book of Days. He based the book on the scripture Psalms 139: 16 - "Before I was born, all my days were recorded in your Book". It brought to life the idea that our lives are directly related to choices and circumstances. When these choices and circumstances come upon us do we know what we are to do? Do we understand that we need to pray and ask others to coming into agreement with us or do we do nothing because our belief is this is our destiny?

Our prayers are powerful. We are powerful. We walk in an authority given to us by God. When we understand our authority and our identity in Christ we are able to overcome. God desires that ALL would come to know Him, that none would be lost. We must not only have a desire to see people made whole, but that we take the opportunities presented to us to partner with God for those who do not yet know Jesus. Only God truly knows when life ends. Man may believe that when a heart stops beating or a brain no longer has activity that live has ended, but we work with an all-knowing, timeless God. In those moments beyond our temporal understanding, we have an opportunity to pray as Holy Spirit leads. Perhaps this will not lead to physical life, but instead to eternal life.

During one of our Spiritual Hunger Conferences, a Spokane Deputy Sheriff was responding to a call. His car slid on a gravel road which caused the car to flip, hitting a telephone pole. He was taken to the hospital and put on life support. Thursday night I turned on the ten o'clock news. The deputy was the top story. I began to pray in the Spirit for this man. As I prayed, I sensed I was not praying for his healing but for his salvation. The next morning at work, I learned that he had died about 20 minutes after I prayed.

As I was driving home from work that night, I saw two men. Their backs were to me. One had his arm around the shoulders of the other. He was talking and pointing down. I heard him say, "Do you see her? She is the reason you are here. Now I want you to pray for her." I was overwhelmed (and still am) that my prayers had been influential in this man's salvation. It was because of prayer that this deputy would now spend eternity with Jesus. His destiny was changed. The number of his days weren't changed, but his destiny was.

The night I had watched the news and prayed he was 20 minutes away from eternal death. I am not lifting myself up to say, "See what I did", I am saying look at what our prayers do. Our prayers changes destinies.

Before Jesus left the disciples, He told them that everything He had was theirs. Everything He has is ours if we reach for it. How do we lengthen our days? Through the power and authority we receive from an intimate relationship with Jesus. By standing on the principles that He has given us. By clothing ourselves in Him.

When we wear Jesus, we wear life. When we wear the Lion of Judah, we wear power and authority. When we wear the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, we walk in victory. This is when we change lives and destinies for the Kingdom.

Today is your day... be empowered!