Dream On!


Lynda Morrison
International Association of Healing Rooms

If you read the news or watch the economic indicators, you will hear little Good News yet God promises that when "The whole earth is wrapped in darkness... God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you." Isaiah 60:2 Message. To be a child of the King is an amazing and wondrous thing; we are from another realm, we reside in this world but live by the rules of another, far greater, sphere.

I am entering into a new experience in this arena. While many are fearful at this time and are choosing to retreat, cut back, and hunker down, God has asked my husband and I rather to trust Him and break out! At this time when worldly wisdom advises caution, God advises boldness! So we have chosen to believe the report of the Lord. "This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God." 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 Message

We are in the process of purchasing a house, our first. Had someone said a year ago that we would be even attempting such a thing, we would have laughed. But God...! When we received a prophetic word last November that "we could have a house, if we wanted one", I was not sure what to think.

Did I even want the responsibility of a house of my own? Was this, of all times, the right time to make such a major financial change in our lives? Would such a commitment tie us down and prevent us from being free to go as God directed, on a moment's notice? These were serious considerations... Or maybe they were they just excuses, spoken from a fearful heart.

He took me back to years ago, when I was young and idealistic and full of hope, expecting every word from God to come to pass in my life. Willing and excited to dream the impossible! Before any disappointments and confusion and discouragements, before fear...

And now I was being offered an opportunity to dream again; to expect the impossible, to renew my trust of His goodness. How was I going to respond to Him? "Yes! It has always been a desire of my heart to have a house of my own. Yes! This is exactly the right time to step out in faith. Yes! This will indeed commit us even further to You for every good thing." And He is faithful!

"Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart." Psalm 37:4 Amplified. How many of us have allowed dreams to go unfulfilled because of fear of disappointment, fear of failure, fear of the unknown? But God gave us those dreams and desires in the first place and it gives Him great pleasure to fulfill them!

"...I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing." John 15:1-11 Amplified. And so the adventure begins. We are taking the first steps, practicing our listening skills, opening our hearts, stepping out and learning to dream again. Testimony to follow...!