Redding California and the Bethel Healing Rooms


Elaine Perkins

Our Apostolic team went to Redding, California for the Leadership Advance Seminar at Bethel Church in May. We had a wonderful time and the teaching was rich.

While in Redding I had the privilege of ministering to the Healing Rooms team at Bethel. The Director, Joaquin Evans and I have been building relationship and working together to strengthen our association. He is asked to travel a lot to other places that are part of their network of churches and share testimonies and teach on healing, but he wants to be sure people understand he is working with us and promoting IAHR.

As you may know Bethel Healing Rooms are IAHR members but do some things differently from most of our IAHR Healing Rooms. They have a unique situation that has to allow for these differences. The 300 prayer team members are anointed and wonderful, full of God's love. They have a very small window of time to minister to the almost 150 people a week that come through for prayer on a Saturday morning and what is available to them are two large rooms. Their encounter room is like our war room, but they have live worship, art, and dancers. They have greeters and chairs in the hall which is like a waiting area just as we have a waiting/reception room. They also have their prayer room where their teams of three minister in different parts of the room. Same Holy Spirit, same prayer model, same results!

I know of other Healing Rooms that have live worship and when you can have that, it's great, but I also know CD's are very anointed. I know of other Healing Rooms that want prophetic art during worship and that is also great. What we need to know is that the model of prayer should remain the same and when possible private prayer rooms, especially to the un-churched, provide a relaxed atmosphere.

We have Healing Rooms all over the world. Some are in buildings, some in churches, and some in remote villages in India just meeting under the town tree. IAHR wants to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the culture to where Healing Rooms are needed. What we need to remember is that we are all part of this great family and God is blessing this work. Now with almost 1100 Healing Rooms in 47 nations, God is on the move. In India the National Director has a vision for 1000 Healing Rooms and they already have over 300. It may be easy to see, in the near future, a nation could be taken for God in a day!