A Note from our New Zealand National Director


Julie Calvert

Julie Calvert
National Director, New Zealand

Dear Spokane Headquarters,
Wow it was one amazing conference from start to finish. There will never be a finish like what happened at this year's conference. Only eternity will truly be able to tell the whole story or picture.
The family atmosphere of amazing love was incredible. People were hungry for more and more of God. It was one blessing on top of another. What struck me probably more than anything else was the love. The venue was thick with love, His love and presence. In His presence there is fullness of Joy and in this joy   hearts are healed and souls set free. It was a conference which said, "Let the Dance Begin" and begin it did, with people just wanting to be....awesome, amazing...
The revelation of what Cal shared regarding healing and the full work of the Cross was significant to seeing lives changed and walking into their full destinies.
We have had reports back that on that Sunday morning orphan spirits were broken off and people felt for the first time that their heavenly Father truly loved them and wanted relationship with them. One of the comments that we kept receiving was the way in which Cal, Michelle and Elaine mingled with the "family",  wanting to stay to just spend time with those who came to the conference. This is quite rare, but so much appreciated.

Cal truly carries the very heart of Father God; what took place was a sense of truly belonging,

Michelle was so real when she shared that people began to believe that it's okay to be real. When leaders are real it brings a deep sense of belonging and a freeing to be whom God called us to be.

Elaine called and released people into their destinies. It was truly a significant gathering for this nation.
The impact upon this nation with Cal, Michelle and Elaine will be felt forever. They won the hearts of a nation. The people are already asking for them to return. We all loved them and what they carried. It was a tremendous honour and great privilege to be able to host them.