An Awesome Testimony from our Massachusetts State Advisor


Michele Folkins Testimony

On Friday, June 8, 2012, while at my office my wife, Michele, called me to tell me that she was in route to the hospital because she was feeling very sick and had vomited blood 7 times. When she was admitted to the hospital she had lost 2 pints of blood.

While on the one-hour drive from my office to meet her, the presence of the Lord overwhelmed me in the car.  As I prayed, I asked the Lord to reveal the truth as to what was behind this attack. They admitted Michele and did a whole bunch of tests as she met with different doctors all of whom made a different diagnosis. They took many x-rays of her stomach and lungs using all sorts of incredibly complicated equipment and did many procedures with names too long to remember or pronounce. On Sunday, June 10th, the doctors determined that Michele had between 14 and 18 stage 4-cancer growths in her lung.

One of the doctors had pulled me aside and told me, "You need to prepare yourself for this as your wife has all these cancerous tumors in her lungs. Do you understand?"  I replied, "No, I do not." He then asked what I didn't understand. I responded, "Let me tell you what I know. My wife, Michele, and I are Christians, we serve the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I will not accept or come into agreement with anything that is said that contradicts the word of God, because He said that by His stripes my wife is healed. It’s not what you say, it’s what Jesus said." He walked away and my daughter over heard him say, "Either this guy is a total whack job or he has faith in God that I have never seen."

We left that hospital as Michele was transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is said to be, and it is, one of the finest in the USA.

On that Monday, June 11th, I sent an email out to all the Healing Rooms in Massachusetts and contacted Spokane asking that they would pray. Of course, that’s what we do; we pray, we pray, and then when we’re done, we pray again.

Michele was there for a week, many doctors and many tests.  They decided that they needed to go into her lungs and take samples on all these growths that were being seen on all these scopes.

When they went in surgically to take the samples, all the tumors were gone except one; as a matter of fact, they stopped the procedure to make sure they had the right patient. The one spot that was in her lungs was an infection, which has been taken care through medication. The Lord had healed Michele’s lungs. Praise the Lord! This challenge had taken 11 days.

As her husband, I went through every emotion you can have. I heard doubt spoken by non-believers. I heard doubt try to come into my spirit through the prince of the air; he said he heals in the Healing Rooms but not your wife. That’s when I remembered that the Lord had said to me years earlier - if you take care of My family, I will take care of yours. That’s all I needed. That’s when I called in the Light that revealed the truth of what was behind this affliction and dealt with it.

People have told Michele that the trial was not for her but it was more for me. You see Michele has been miraculously healed twice before, once of viral meningitis.

Let me share with you what I learned about myself; that I am not some spiritual giant, that I am no man of great faith, that I was scared, I was afraid, I was upset, all these emotions and more.

I learned there was only one option and that was to go to the throne. He said come boldly. I can’t say if going to the throne with tears running down your face is going boldly, but every time I went there He met me with open arms.

He is ever faithful.


Jeff Folkins
Massachusetts State Advisor
Director Springfield Healing Rooms