Cal Pierce, Director
Cal Pierce

We just finished our first Healing Rooms Leadership Summit. This turned out to be an amazing time. It was a time for directors from all over the world to come together, have fellowship and receive fresh vision and strategy.

We are developing new strategies to bring Kingdom increase into Healing Rooms worldwide. Now that we have surpassed 2000 Healing Rooms, we must plan for 10,000. We are appointing divisional directors who oversee a number of nations with national directors. We commissioned Jim and Dianne White as our ambassadors to the nations. Also, Rick and Lori Taylor were appointed as U.S. national directors.

The world is quickly changing as man’s economy is failing. The influence of the enemy is wanting moral failure as well. This is not the time for God’s people to have fear and draw back. This is the time to hear from the Lord and implement Kingdom strategies. We must prepare ourselves for change. God is releasing new wine that requires new wineskins. You can’t pour new wine into old wineskins or you lose the wine. We are in a new season that requires new things. The old strategies were good for the season we were in, but new strategies are needed for new seasons. The new things needed today won’t work within old wineskins. The needs of the world are greater than ever and require a Kingdom increase. When we don’t rise up to this increase, then only the things of the enemy increase and we get overwhelmed.

God’s Kingdom is without end. It will always have increase in it. As the darkness gets darker, we have an opportunity for the light to become brighter. Greater will always be He who is in us, than he who comes against us. We are truly in the finest hour that the Body of Christ has ever seen.


Cal Pierce