Debbie Powell
Debbie Powell

It was sometime after my sister, Judi, died that I began to think about what God says in the Bible about knowing the number of our days.  With Judi's death I had difficulty thinking that this God I believed in was sitting in Heaven deciding how long each of us would live.  Can you see God sitting on His throne with a book labeled "Length of Days" saying, "Let's see now, I'm putting you down for 45 years and 5 days; you get 93 years, 6 months and two days; and you will only live long enough to be named."  I know this is a funny way to express this, but if our days are God determined, then this is basically what we are saying.  But since He knows everything, He is omniscient; He has seen the end from the beginning of time.  He is outside of time.  Since He has seen our destiny, our footsteps, our future and the decisions we have made; why wouldn't he also see our death?  Knowing the day we will die, therefore knowing our length of days.

There are many studies that have been done about how prayer, food and exercise affect our lives.  How do the choices or circumstances we face have an impact on how long we live?

I was beginning to see life like a road before us.  At some point we come to a "Y" in that road.  We have to choose, do I go left or right?  We follow the path chosen until another "Y" causes us to make a choice; then another and another till we arrive at our destination.  Where have our choices taken us?  Ultimately, our choices lead us into eternal death or eternal life.  The choices may not always be the ones we have made ourselves.  There are times the choices may be thrust upon us by others or perhaps some other external factor.

Consider the woman who is told by her doctor that she has a tubal pregnancy and the only choice for her is the immediate removal of this life.  Instead, she comes for prayer as her last hope for this new life within her.  The team tells her that God has said the baby is at the wrong address.  The team prays that the baby would move to the correct address.  There was a shifting and a number of months later a healthy baby was born.

We see a life is changed through prayer.  Many of us can attest to the Holy Spirit impressing upon us the need to pray.  Sometimes we know why, sometimes not, but we feel the urgency in our spirit and we know God wants us to pray.  Here, we are working in tandem with Him.  We aren’t left alone to battle through; we have a Champion who calls others to pray for us or with us.  Our destiny is known to God, but He wants us to partner with Him to be victorious over the circumstances of life instead of a victim of them.

Our prayers are powerful.  We are powerful.  We walk in an authority given to us by God.  When we understand our authority and our identity in Christ, we are able to overcome.  Our relationship with Jesus affects us.  It is through Him our power comes.  Are we just one who has accepted Jesus as Savior?  Or have we also claimed all that has been offered through the Holy Spirit?  
Before Jesus left the disciples, He told them that everything He had was theirs.  Everything He has is ours if we reach for it.  How do we lengthen our days?  By walking in the power and authority we receive from an intimate relationship with Jesus.  By standing on the principles that He has given us.  By clothing ourselves in Him.


Debbie Powell

IAHR Office Manager