Expect Your World


Brittney Mitchell

About two years ago I felt the need to create a journal using pictures cut out from magazines. As I looked through the pages I would pay attention to anything the Holy Spirit might point out, even if the picture didn’t make sense in the moment. I began compiling all the clippings to formulate the front and back cover. One picture in particular was the profile of a pregnant woman. She was wearing a vibrant red shirt that jumped off the page. I then saw a few words tucked under the massive pile of pictures I had gathered. They read, “Expect my world.” Instantly I knew these words would be on the front cover right next to the pregnant woman. To this day I still find myself starring at that photo, knowing God is up to something good!

As of late anytime I walk by someone in the store, take a gander at Facebook or simply sit and look around, the conversations taking place revolve around babies…They either know of a baby who was recently born, just had their own baby or know of a family who is expecting their bundle of joy to arrive any day. I began asking God for further revelation.
God began teaching me that the babies being born are also a symbol for what He is doing in the supernatural. He distinctly showed me that the promises, dreams and desires of people are being birthed, they are becoming a reality. We are not to have feelings of worrisome or anxiety but pure hope and confident expectation. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.” Your appointed time is now; the providence of heaven belongs to us.

In addition He clearly explained it is imperative to live from faith and not unbelief. With unbelief there are practically no disappointments and you get exactly what you thought would take place, close to nothing. However with faith we take hold of all that has been promised to us from God. Just like a pregnant mother expects her child to arrive, we are to expect the kingdom in the fullest measure.

The great work God has started in you will be seen to completion. God handcrafted the blueprints of your heart. Ask Him to shower you with a fresh perspective, His perspective, that you will know the hope of your calling. Expect your world! Live from victory and thankfulness!

In Him,
Brittney Mitchell
Travel and Conferences Coordinator