Pam Walker

Friday Night Fire
A Place of Ignited Passion and Intimacy

Greetings and blessings from Spokane! It is my privilege in this issue to let you in on what's been going on at our Friday Night Fire meetings because I feel it is right where God's heart is for this season. Our beloved Stacia Thompson and others here answered God's suggestion to open our doors for a time of worship and waiting on God, inviting a group of young people and all those who just couldn't get enough of God. There is no real agenda where worship and pressing into God's heart is the main objective. The hunger for intimacy with our Jesus and Papa God has been stirred and we've experienced God's answer to that longing with a freshness of His Presence.

There has been a uniting of "streams," for lack of a better way to describe it, with Jimmy Maddox, Nick Rector and two others visiting from The Prayer Furnace of Fredericksburg, VA. They have stirred expectation, and reinforced the mandates of the importance of just being with God. From that place all else flows! From HIS PRESENCE come the answers, solutions, wisdom and anointing to be and then do what we were created for.

So, how do we pray the next few months? I believe with all my heart that we are in a SPECIAL time of grace to come before the lover of our souls and look into HIS eyes and establish a relationship with Him as never before. It's a place to live from; not visit once in a while in our quiet times. There is a special grace and favor for us right now to come before our King as Esther did. Esther received so much favor from the king that she was given his signet ring so that whatever she wrote as a decree, she could seal it with the king's ring and it would be so; it became law. This kind of authority will only come from intimacy. God is beckoning to us in this season to COME!