Elaine Perkins

Our Father has lovingly been telling us for years to get ready for what He is about to do and wants to do through us but I believe we are in a “now” time of needing to be prepared. How do we get prepared? We surrender ourselves completely to Him.

Our hearts must be clean and what has kept us bound up needs to go.  Toxic thinking must give way to a disciplined mind where we choose to hold our thoughts captive and we yield to His. Are you choosing to love and honor others or are you still quick to judge and criticize them?

Are we guarding our relationships, preferring one another and walking in a place of honest loving communication? Are we asking the Lord daily for what He wants to see happen in our lives today and only doing and saying what the Spirit leads us to do and say? This is not to be legalistic but trusting and resting in His incredible faithfulness in your life each day.   

I believe for those that have not reached that place this year is their chance to make choices and changes in their lives, their walk, their relationships, even changes for their health sake.  It’s time to be who He has called us to be. With hearts like this that are all about Him and loving and honoring each other, asking and listening to what He wants from us, we will walk in and demonstrate the true authority and power that has been given to us.

Elaine Perkins
IAHR Director