Revelations of the Holy Spirit


Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

I was recently speaking at a conference at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida and released some quotes that I want to share with you. I sat down one day in my office and the Holy Spirit began to release these quotes to me.

The Holy Spirit is in you for the fulfillment of God’s will on the earth.

He makes your faith creative for that fulfillment.

You make the Word of God creative when you walk by faith.

Your faith assigns the Holy Spirit to the fulfillment of God’s will for you.

The Word is void without your faith.

When the Word produces faith, failure is overcome.

Religion wants to fulfill the law of God. The kingdom wants to fulfill the will of God.

Wherever the kingdom is missing, religion is present.

Religion prepares man to leave earth, the kingdom empowers man to dominate earth.

Religion focuses on heaven, the kingdom focuses on earth.

If everything we need is in the kingdom of God, then why do we strive for our needs rather than the kingdom that provides our needs?

The Bible is the most misunderstood book on the earth. It’s not a book on how to become religious, it’s a book about a King who wants to establish and expand His kingdom on earth.

In the Old Testament, you were under the King’s law; you served the law. In the New Testament you are under grace and the law serves you.

Faith is the substance that invites God and creates an opportunity for Him to do something incredible.

What God does isn't incredible to Him. It’s only incredible to us when it’s not normal.
It’s normal to the one who owns it, it’s incredible to the one who needs it.

You are only surprised at what you don’t expect.

God’s power brings demonstrations so that we can prove what His will is.

A renewed mind doesn't think the way it used to.

With the mind of Christ, when you think something, it’s already fulfilled.

If we try to use our mind and His, we can become double minded and unstable in our ways. It can be hard to walk with two minds.