One of our intercessors, Mary Lou, sent in a prayer request to Partners. On Tuesday, January 29th, we prayed for her. Among the things we prayed for was that their home would sell. As I prayed, I saw the word “sale” then immediately I saw “sold” in its place.

On Thursday, January 31st, I saw Mary Lou. I told her we had prayed for her and her husband. I told her what the Lord had shown me and said I felt their home would sell quickly. Then, I told her they would receive their asking price, plus. At this time the house was not yet on the market.

One week later, on Thursday, February 7th, Mary Lou came into my office. She had news. On Monday morning they had finalized the paperwork so the house could go on the market. That evening the house was sold. They had received their asking price PLUS $7000.00!

Debbie Powell