Psalm 91 and His Fleet of Angels!


Maribeth Benson
Maribeth Benson


I am alive today because of God, the book Psalm 91, and a fleet of His angels. I just finished this awesome book, Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth. Since I started reading her book I have included Psalm 91 in my morning devotions. (The Healing Rooms just happens to carry this book, too!)  So let me tell you my story.

This morning started out great, perhaps a little too great. I was sitting on the couch reading my devotions, sipping on my coffee, enjoying the morning sunrise, and watching the deer eat the rest of our landscaping that the frost had not already killed, when it occurred to me that my morning was already half over. I only had a half hour before needing to leave for work to shower, dress, make my lunch and get out the door with my hubby, Tom, who also works at the Healing Rooms and doubles as my personal chauffeur.  You need to know that my husband is Mr. Punctuality. Tom’s watch runs 10 minutes ahead of everybody else’s so if you are 10 minutes late, in his book you are actually 20 minutes late. Then he even takes it a bit further, he likes to leave early on his watch, not mine.

Today happened to be the ‘every other day’ I wash my hair so also I had a 5 minute longer shower time. The clock was ticking… And then I had a fashion meltdown because I wasn’t counting on the snow fall. I had to rethink the whole shoe thing as my cute black flats were no longer going to work with my skinny jeans so, much to my chagrin, I donned a pair of practical warm fleece boots, but this now called for a change in all my jewelry! And the minutes ticked away. Tom, who doesn’t think twice about his ensemble (jeans and the first folded t-shirt he finds in his dresser) was counting the minutes and I was informed we were now 20 minutes behind schedule. Which was actually only 10 on my clock so I was not too alarmed…until I started to see smoke coming out of his head.

Now Tom is the Head Intercessor of the Healing Rooms so I was thinking it could just be the Glory Cloud enveloping him. I was wrong. So I hurried and smeared only one coat of make up on my face, threw on a coat, grabbed my purse, ran past the kitchen counter only to realize I had forgotten to make myself a lunch. I threw something from the frig that looked edible in a plastic baggie and ran to the car. According to my clock we were now only 20 minutes behind ‘take off’ but according to Tom we would be docked a half day.

I didn’t realized how ‘steamed’ he was until he started passing a garbage truck that was impeding his acceleration down to 90mph. You see, I take advantage of my chauffeur time in the morning to check my phone messages so my head is usually down and focused on my cell. Somehow I looked up, though, right as he decided to pass the garbage truck. I don’t know if it was the combination of the morning fog, the silver oncoming car without its headlights on or the glory cloud coming out of my husband’s head but he did not see the car as he was gearing up to pass.

If you make the Most High your dwelling even the Lord who is your refuge then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For He will command all His angels concerning you in all His ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Psalm 91:9-12

 I looked up just at that moment and said, “There is a car!” Tom quickly fell back behind the garbage truck and then stayed there for the rest of the trip into town. Now some of you may think that this is not so miraculous but let me tell you, once I am in the car checking my cell messages and responding to them, my head only lifts when we reach our destination and the ignition is turned off.  

He will cover you with His feathers and
under His wings you will find refuge

Psalm 91:4

We were saved from a head-on collision because of His promise that He would send His angels concerning Us to guard us in all our ways! Now to have just finished this book on Psalm 91 the night before and then to have a near death experience the next day is testimony to the fact that His Word is the truth and He stands by it. We are both very grateful to be alive and I know it is because of reading Psalm 91 this morning, not to mention His fleet of exhausted angels! 

I have now set my clock ahead 20 minutes. Tom has reset his clock behind 15 minutes.  We are making progress. 

With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation

Psalm 91:16


Alive, Well and Blessed!
Maribeth Benson
Prayer side receptionist and resident comediene, Spokane headquarters