House Sale Testimony - Part 2


   After living in our home for 43 years, and wondering many times if and when we should downsize, we began feeling the Lord nudging us, stirring us up. “Now is the time,” we felt Him whisper. So in January we took some first tentative steps to begin the process: we talked with the bank, we talked with a realtor. Suddenly all the doors were wide open and we were swept into a glorious journey of buying a new home--and not just any home, but a brand new home, with God hand picking our builder and leading us to the perfect location to meet all our needs. We felt total peace about every step, but we had not even put our home up for sale. God had promised, “You will be blessed coming in, you will be blessed going out,” and we were experiencing His favor at every turn. But in spite of feeling such confidence in His leading, we were still nervous about the whole process of putting our house up for sale.

    About that time we heard from one of our friends at the Healing Rooms about Mary Lou and Charles Carr (see below), whose house sold for more than their listing price, and we thought how wonderful it would be if God did that for us too. That testimony gave us more confidence that God would come through for us financially, and we focused on trusting in His peace, abiding in His favor, and expecting His provision through His promise to bless us going out. Even so, the task of getting our house ready for sale was daunting. We had collected so much stuff, there was so much to do, so much to fix and get ready--how could we possibly get it all done in time! God spoke to my heart as I was feeling overwhelmed by the long list of things yet to be completed to prepare our house for sale: “Do you think you will sell your home through your own efforts? Or do you think I will take care of you? What if I sell your home before you get a chance to do all the things you think you have to do?”

    And that’s exactly what He did! We put our house up for sale 2 days after He had spoken to my heart, without having done hardly any of the things on the list that we had planned, and our house sold IN ONE DAY! The buyers offered more than we were asking, AND they paid the sellers costs, AND they set a totally flexible closing date that would allow us to stay in our home until the completion of our new home, whenever that might be. He has truly surrounded us with His favor, is taking care of us completely, and has poured out a blessing upon us that is too big to contain! Thank you, Lord, that as we made our plans, you ordered our steps above and beyond what we could have imagined!

Ron and Ginny Harris, Spokane

Testimony from February 2013

One of our intercessors, Mary Lou, sent in a prayer request to Partners. On Tuesday, January 29th, we prayed for her. Among the things we prayed for was that their home would sell. As I prayed, I saw the word “sale” then immediately I saw “sold” in its place.

On Thursday, January 31st, I saw Mary Lou. I told her we had prayed for her and her husband. I told her what the Lord had shown me and said I felt their home would sell quickly. Then, I told her they would receive their asking price, plus. At this time the house was not yet on the market.

One week later, on Thursday, February 7th, Mary Lou came into my office. She had news. On Monday morning they had finalized the paperwork so the house could go on the market. That evening the house was sold. They had received their asking price PLUS $7000.00!