Sowing with Intention - Jessica Gerdes


Jessica Gerdes

Jessica Gerdes

Lately I have been pondering how to steward well the three parts that make up me; specifically how to feed and exercise my spirit and soul in addition to my body. Thinking about change and doing something about it however, are two very different things.

We all “know” God is our provider, but how many of us truly exercise this regularly? How many of us desire change, but then default to human wisdom and agree with lack, which the book of James says is demonic. I know I have so many times. We have unfortunately often been changed by earthly wisdom when we hoped for but failed to sow for the very thing we desire. Sowing is an act of faith, which is an exercise of the spirit.

I wanted to talk to you about intentional sowing with reward.

I recently heard a message about creating an environment of reward, and that if we were bored perhaps we haven’t created a reward system for ourselves. Reward could be a concept that seems superficial, since we are taught to be doing everything unto God, but biblically as we serve God in all we do, He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. Even Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before him.

There are so many good causes and ministries that it can be overwhelming when making decisions of where to strategically sow. I have always thought that money is a tool for connection. Like what I buy casts my vote. One way to stay focused on where your dollars or time is going, just like any investment, is by asking God for a return through your giving.

When you purposely seek out an investment, you are looking for the rate of return. There are many complicated tools (which I do not have experience with) that help you navigate through all the options. This is in regard to natural investments. When it comes to spiritual investments though, we have the Spirit of God to discern what is Kingdom and what isn’t. Anything sown in the Kingdom has to be good. Even though God is keeping track of it all, I still wonder how much more effective we could be in accomplishing our destiny if we also monitored our own Kingdom investments and partnered with God in pursuing them.

For example, God spoke to me about working at the Healing Rooms just a few months after I was saved here. When I didn’t get it, He spoke to me again. When I didn’t get it again, He put in me a desire to work for this ministry, and sent me a job announcement through a friend who prayed on the team. Then He sent an angel to my house the morning of my interview, who came with me and sat in the board room, probably so I wouldn’t mess it up. I was hired 5 days after He first spoke about it. Through all the different interesting learning opportunities I have had, working for the Healing Rooms has stayed consistent. I partner financially here, because I desire my destiny to be fulfilled.

Another example, I love adventure. I try very diligently to be consistent and do the same things over and over again, for the sake of being a married mom who works in accounting for a ministry. I never imagined myself with a white van, being a soccer mom, homeschooling my kids, or being a foster parent. Each one of these details are just part of what makes up me, I guess. It doesn’t change the fact that I would prefer to travel around the world following God from adventure to adventure engaging in each moment. Because I could never plan an adventure as exciting as God does, instead, I sow into a missionary family I met who taught at a real estate class. This pastor got a burden in his heart for Senegal, Africa and left Detroit, MI, with his wife and three young kids, to go be a difference in one of the poorest places on the planet - rich in Islamic views. While I haven’t been called to this, my dollars are my connection to this adventure.

This last example isn’t really official sowing, because I am receiving a service, but I pay a monthly fee to be able to watch filmed services at another church. I pay the fee just like I pay my power bill, and expect power. I expect to receive insight into what God is currently talking about and doing on the planet. Because I believe one of the giftings that I have been given is being a “teacher”, I really love receiving downloads from this particular ministry. It gives me a broader understanding of what God is saying and provides me “more” to break down with Him. It satisfies my desire for growth.

The next time you offer your time, services, or resources really connect with what you are doing and why. Being purposeful is like the rudder on our ship, we can take a roundabout course or a direct one.