To be more like a child....


Arty Bartlett

Just when you think you have your adult act together, you discover God really wants you to be more like little children! **sigh**

With the start of our Tuesday afternoon children's prayer ministry, I have been taking notes asking myself what is it about the children that is so endearing to our Lord. They are messy, they don't seem to 'go with any flow' other than their own, sometimes they would rather draw pictures than pray for anybody, and when they do have a word it is usually just one or two words or sentences. That's it. They're done. (Barbie Hunt calls this a drive by shooting!) Then they just go back to drawing, twirling around or playing with the plants in the corner of the room to see if they are real or not.

What happens to the people they are praying for? The pictures the kids draw can be something that person just had a vision of so it is a confirmation to them or the one or two words or sentences that are seemingly spoken so nonchalantly are bullets that go right to the heart of the person and unlocks just the thing Holy Spirit intended! I am amazed when I see this happen. In what looks like chaos with some of these kids is just the kind of thing that God uses to minister to people! Why? How does this happen? It seems so simple and yet so complex all at the same time as my thoughts wrap around this thought and then that one and on and on they go and after all this thinking in my head, this is what I come up with. I think they 'simply' trust Him and He loves them for this simplicity. I know you will probably have a different answer and it would probably be correct also but for now, I'm going to hang my hat on this one.

While you are contemplating for yourself what being a child means to you, peruse the selection of books listed below. We have them on an extra special price 30% off for a limited time. While you're at it, consider doing a 'drive by shooting' yourself with a prophetic word for someone the next time you get the chance. Holy Spirit will whisper it to you. Just 'simply' trust Him.

Arty Bartlett


Identity Theft   (A2) by Ron Cantor Identity Theft (A2) by Ron Cantor B-582-176


Supernatural visitations. Divine time travel. An age-old cover up. In the middle of it all: One man miraculously transformed by Yeshua.


In an instant, David went from being a skeptical Jewish columnist to a desperate seeker of Truth. The catalyst was an angelic visitation—a moment that marked him forever.

David’s quest spans numerous philosophies and religions, culminating with the Person of Yeshua – Jesus the Messiah. He is plummeted into a vigorous spiritual tug of war. Part of him is intrigued and fascinated by the Messiah, while another is plagued by guilt. How could a Jewish person like himself believe in Yeshua considering all the horrific acts that have been done to his ancestors in His name?

Author Ron Cantor, a gifted story-teller and authority on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament, takes you on an unforgettable tour of history as an angel supernaturally escorts David through the halls of time. You will soon discover that though atrocities have been committed in the name of Yeshua, the greatest crime of all may be against the Messiah Himself… a crime of Identity Theft.


Don't Take Your Dreams To The Grave   (ZZ) by Jimmie Bratcher Don't Take Your Dreams To The Grave (ZZ) by Jimmie Bratcher B-038-494

Are you facing midlife with the disheartening discovery that you are living in "survival mode" and living a life that does not reflect the person you really are inside? This is what happened to author Jimmie Bratcher. He woke up at age 45 to the realization that he was not the man he wanted to be. So began his adventurous pursuit of a dream - a dream that brought him into a unique ministry combining evangelism with his love of Blues music. Don't allow life's circumstances to prevent you from pursuing your dreams. With a proper attitude, a focused heart, the ability to set intentions, and taking daily action, your dreams will come true! Paperback.


How to Make the Dream God Gave You Come True    (ZZ) by Kenneth Hagin, Jr. How to Make the Dream God Gave You Come True (ZZ) by Kenneth Hagin, Jr. B-257-081

Dream Big Dreams for God!

God has spoken to every one of us at sometime in our life. He's given us dreams and visons of things to accomplish for Him.

If you've placed your dreams on the shelf, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr.'s slimline book, How To Make the Dream God Gave You Come True, will challenge you to pull them off the shelf, dust them off, and work toward fulfilling them!

In this exciting slimline book, discover for yourself:

  • How to dream in line with God's Word and accomplish your dreams.
  • How the Church's vision for the world is to be fulfilled.
  • Why ministers must bypass religious attitudes and run the race that God has set before them.
  • The pitfalls of comparing your accomplishments with the accomplishments of others.
  • How to persevere through tests and trials to make your dreams become a reality!

In My Dreams I Can Dance    (ZZ) by Ann Foster In My Dreams I Can Dance (ZZ) by Ann Foster B-038-929

A story of Triumph over Tragedy...

Ann Foster's childhood was anything but ordinary.

Struck down by polio at just four years old, it didn’t seem like this little girl would ever grow up to achieve anything. Even though she was burdened with a series of painful surgeries, permanent disfigurement, and a crooked spinal cord, Ann had a secret weapon: an overcoming spirit and unwavering faith in God. Through thick and thin, she has stood firm in God’s promises, even when the future looked grim.

In the midst of your darkest circumstances, hope is just around the corner.

Nothing is impossible through Christ. Through the powerful stories of survival and victory in these pages, you will find the faith and inspiration to see not just the light at the end of the tunnel, but the reality of God’s grace exactly where you are today.


CD - Basics of Dreams, Visions and Strange Events   (F3) by John Paul Jackson CD - Basics of Dreams, Visions and Strange Events (F3) by John Paul Jackson CD-990-256

This is a 2 disc CD teaching set.

Discover how God desires to enrich your life through these spiritual mysteries. A pioneer of biblical dream interpretation, John Paul Jackson guides you through the supernatural realm that coexists and interacts with us. This eye-opening beginner's overview will help you recognize patterns and rhythms of God's nighttime metaphors that will enhance and give greater clarity to your spiritual journey. Explore the keys to remembering your dreams and how to apply what God is speaking! A great gift for family and friends!

Unravel the difference between God speaking and God making Himself known to us. Learn common biblical imagery contained in dreams. Discover how to change the outcome of a dream. Learn why you can't interpret a dream using a secular dream dictionary.


Illustrated Dictionary Of Dream Symbols    (H3) by Joe Ibojie Illustrated Dictionary Of Dream Symbols (H3) by Joe Ibojie B-025-626

"This book is a companion to Dreams & Visions: How to Receive, Interpret and Apply Your Dreams and will help today's believers understand what dream symbols mean. When used through the Holy Spirit, it (this book) can help the reader take away the frustration of not knowing what dreams mean and avoid the dangers of misinterpretation." -JOSEPH EWEN, Founder and Leader of Riverside Church Network Banff, Scotland, UK

"This book is a treasure chest, loaded down with revelation and the hidden mysteries of God that have been waiting since before the foundation of the earth to be uncovered. The Illustrated Bible-Based Dictionary of Dream Symbols shall bless, strengthen, and guide any believer who is in search for the purpose, promise, and destiny of God for their lives." -BISHOP RON SCOTT, JR, President, Kingdom Coalition International, Hagerstown, MD

"The Illustrated Bible-Based Dictionary of Dream Symbols is much more than a book of dream symbols; it has also added richness to our reading of God's Word. Whether you use this book to assist in interpreting your dreams or as a companion for your study of the Word of God, you will find it a welcome companion." -ROBERT AND JOYCE RICCIARDELLI, Directors, Visionary Advancement Strategies, Seattle, WA