"And He went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every weakness and infirmity among the people." Matthew 4:23 (Amplified)

Washington D.C. (Choir Director at The Gate, trained at the Healing Rooms of Washington D.C. witnesses miracle)
A five year old boy was run over by his father driving an F-250 truck. They called their close friend Angie, the worship leader at The Gate, for prayer while rushing to the hospital. Angie and other Gate worship team members prayed that there would be no injuries at all even though the truck passed over his ribs and mid section. Angie rushed to the hospital and into a room full of waiting relatives, believers and pre-believers and declared that the boy would be healed and there would be no injuries shocking many suffering in unbelief. Jesus heard her voice and the five year old boy was released the next morning!!! No internal injuries. Amazing Miracle!

Healing Rooms of Laramie, Laramie, Wyoming, USA
A lady who has MS has been to the Healing Rooms a couple of times. She is feeling so much better that her doctor has taken her off the medication she was taking for MS because she doesn't need it anymore.

Gateway Healing Rooms, Portland, Oregon, USA
We have been praying for a woman over the last few months with Lyme Disease. She's had many symptoms like: chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, depression, headaches, skin rashes, fevers, poly neuropathy (shooting pains, numbness & tingling in hands & feet), concentration problems, fibromyalgia symptoms, digestive problems, etc. Each time she'd see improvement but this week she returned to let us know that her doctor confirmed that all symptoms are gone!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Healing Rooms NOLA, New Orleans, Louisiana (Healings From the Area)
During an outreach in St. Bernard, we prayed for a woman who was in a wheelchair. The Lord touched her and she walked around the room 7 times and to our knowledge is still not in the wheelchair.

During the same outreach a woman came in with a serious tension headache cause by high blood pressure. She received her healing and left headache free.
Submitted by Keith and Cindi Stone

Healing Rooms of Washington D.C., USA
Two weeks ago I came to your ministry...I was there with my vision blurry and couldn't see that well. I'm just here to report that my diabetes has reversed and I have my vision back! Praise the Lord! The healing did not come that night, but my vision started improving every day. Not only that but my sugar levels went way down as well. - CS