No More Blame - Sharon Murphy


Sharon Murphy

 Sharon Murphy        

According to Revelation 12:10, the role of the enemy is to accuse. The definition of “accuse” is to blame, find fault, or to bring formal charges against, as a plaintiff or prosecuting attorney. Where there is sin, the enemy has legal access that he uses to accuse and do damage to individuals and relationships. We do not want to be ignorant of the enemy’s way of doing things-because he wants to snare us into captivity, make us prisoners of war, and take advantage of us. Even though he is already defeated, sin gives him the legal right to condemn and do harm. The accusations he speaks often originate with those who have power and authority in the kingdom: God’s sons and daughters.  Idle words of criticism, gossip, strife, judgment, malice, etc., are harmful and are used to do the enemy’s will. Blame is one of his chief sources. He gets an advantage when we fall for his devices. What I began picturing when ministering, is a court room with the accuser standing before a Tribunal, making accusation against the members of God’s family. As a prosecuting attorney, he is using words spoken by others as evidence. Not a pretty picture, but it sure got my attention

It can work like this: someone lashes out at you with words that are unkind or painful. Or someone tells you they are going to do something to help you, but then doesn’t follow through. Or something far worse takes place including betrayal, rejection, and pain, and you are left wounded. At this very point, you have a choice of eternal significance to make. Do you allow your heart to turn from the unseen to the seen? Do you turn to yourself (in self-protection or self-preservation, for example) or to another (gossip, self-justification, retribution, etc.)? Or do you keep your eyes on the Father, continuing to choose love and to trust in God’s ability to take what the enemy meant for harm and to redeem it for your good? If, at this point, you choose to blame someone (including yourself) for your feelings or condition, you empower the enemy. If you continue to work the situation over in your head and heart and begin to find fault with the one who hurt you and possibly even speak those words aloud to another, you have just joined in helping the accuser, “the prosecuting attorney”, to build a case against that person.

 Remember just as God has a plan for your life so does Satan. We must not be ignorant of the way he brings his plans together. When he gets one of us to assign blame, we become a victim of the one who we blame for our condition. If instead of forgiveness, we continue to rehash the wrongs and become resentful, not renewing our mind, we begin to build a case against that person. l had personally experienced betrayal repeatedly in a relationship, so I am sharing what Holy Spirit said to me. One day He told me that I was taking on a victim mindset. When I asked in what way, the Spirit said that the person who wronged me, and who I was blaming, had become more powerful in my life than my God, which is idolatry. Blame resulting in idolatry? I could see it. I had turned my eyes on to my circumstances and on to myself instead of keeping them on my Father. Instead of turning to Him in trust to heal me and deliver me, and lead me through the circumstance, I had believed a lie and my joy had disappeared - which became hope deferred. Idolatry gave the enemy legal access to my life and I was taken captive by the accuser to do his will.  The accuser is defeated, but I empowered him by agreeing with him and mentally building a case against a member of the Body because they hurt and betrayed me. That meant both of us needed forgiveness and grace.

As I was learning about this my perspective began changing.  So I spent some time with the Lord and I not only repented, I forgave the other person and myself, not only for my thoughts, but also for the roots of selfishness in me that came to light, and the resentment that had started to choke out God’s love. God’s grace touched my heart and I knew I was clean before Him as I experienced the Holy Spirit’s comfort and joy.

It isn’t necessarily the big stuff that trips up a warrior. We are living in a war zone!  As a child of God, the Father is asking us to forgive every time, even if it is time and time again.  

Over the next few days as the Lord and I fellowshipped He asked me to take it a step further. Jesus led me to a couple of different verses.  He led me to an unusual verse in I Corinthians 6 that talks about brothers taking each other to court. Hear what verse 7 says: ‘It is utterly a failure that you go to law against one another. Why do you not rather accept wrong? Why do you not rather let yourself be cheated?’ This meant something new to me now. I was seeing the heavenly court room and realized that this scripture wasn’t just a warning for an earthly courtroom. I knew He was asking me to do what He had already done. He was cheated, defrauded, and, unlike me, did no wrong. Yet He forgave and laid down His life for me and for all of us. He wanted me to go beyond forgiveness, to lay down my rights and my life, and then He invited me to begin building a case for the one who had lashed out at me. He reminded me that everyone needs grace and compassion. Again I pictured the heavenly court room and the enemy accusing and sadly realized that I had already given him too much evidence to use against others. But now I was seeing the Advocate with the Father there, too, Jesus Christ, the righteous. An advocate is a person who pleads another’s cause, a counselor, intercessor, consoler or defense attorney! As I considered building a case for the one who harmed me, though I had forgiven her, my heart was still stinging from her words. I told Him I didn’t know what to do and asked for His help. Holy Spirit immediately showed me some things that I knew were true and beautiful about her. He reminded me who she really is, not what she had done and said. I saw what it was I was being asked to do. I simply told Jesus His truth about her - the truth. I testified to what I heard the Spirit saying. It gave a whole new meaning to overcoming the accuser by the word of my testimony! I was humbled and blessed and healed!  One of the key elements to true reconciliation in the Body of Christ was to be willing to go to her in humility and love, sharing what He says about her, which is what functional families do. Our reconciliation was almost immediate, including tears, laughter, and healing. Our relationship continues to grow and I believe it is better than it ever was!

  If someone has harmed or offended you, forgive him, then forgive yourself, and ask Holy Spirit how you can help to build a case for that person. We aren’t fighting against flesh and blood. Part of the battle is about where we keep our eyes focused! By turning my back on the enemy, and by facing my God, I experienced Truth. If I face the enemy and agree with him - I am agreeing with a lie, no matter how real it seems.  From the Father’s stand point, blame and accusations are lies.  In John 8:44, Jesus says that there is NO truth in the devil. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of lies. When we forgive the person who sinned, we remove the enemy’s legal access and we release the prisoners! Jesus is our Advocate. He is also the One who died for each of us so there is no more room for condemnation. Jesus paid the price for our sins, all of them. Everything the Lamb did on the Cross represents true justice and the heart of the Father!  This has been a time of renewing of my heart and mind as I have asked to be thoroughly cleansed while taking my thoughts captive. I desire the abundance of my heart to produce fruit for my Father’s kingdom! I have even been testifying on behalf of those who haven’t harmed me! As I testify to the true character of one of His kids, I can see Jesus giving me a high-five. Intercession can be such fun!