The New Online School of Transformation


This month, we finished the development of the new website for Healing Rooms School of Transformation Online! Here are a couple screen shots:

School of Transformation lesson 21

School of Transformation Progress Page

Here's a testimony from Roberta, one of the online school's recent alumni:

“I just wanted to add that this transformation school was an awesome experience, and has blessed me in every area of my life... It literally poured in a great awakening. I received EVERY teaching like a sponge, just so that I can release wherever I go... This school not only changed my ministry it changed my life, so that my life can be the ministry!”

And here are parts of another letter received from Linda, who recently completed the online school:

“I so enjoyed all the instructors... and, I took a lot of notes. I am glad to have the opportunity to go over everything again to be more thorough and trust Holy Spirit to work in me and use it for His purposes in my life... I am 73... I regretted many times that I did not have the wisdom to attend a Bible College earlier in my life and this has helped to fill that need.”

Check it out at!

If you have any questions, email