"Give God Back His Ministry" - Michell Upmeyer


Michell Upmeyer

Michell Upmeyer

Michell Upmeyer is a delightful woman recently hired at the Healing Rooms Ministries Headquarters here in Spokane. We all first met Michell many years ago when a friend brought her in a wheelchair for prayer and she received a miraculous healing and began running around our halls. A few years ago she completed Healing Rooms School of Transformation and is a bright beam to those she shares herself with. Her passion is to be marked with such intimacy with Jesus Christ that there is not a separation between her and Him. As a result she has a unique prophetic flavor. Below is a dream she had about three weeks ago, before she even knew she would be employed at this ministry.

In the beginning of 2013 I kept hearing the words, “Give God back His Ministry.”  I knew we had a choice to either use our strength to hold on or just give it back!  I wasn’t sure what all this meant, but being lead by the Holy Spirit I shared that word for several months.

Another dream I had a couple of months ago was about Healing Rooms being helped.  I knew that God had this ministry as His top assignment.  I knew that He had chosen this time to help fulfill what He started in this ministry.  I could see a firm foundation being laid.  It was not like what we have thought about in the past but very different. I was not yet told what this would look like.  I knew that God had sent down an assembly of angels on behalf of the Healing Rooms. 

I then saw that every person in the ministry was surrounded by these massive hosts.  I knew that people were being placed in positions they had not had before.  I could see them starting to worry as they began their work. I knew they did not need to worry. Even if they didn’t know what to do because they didn’t feel qualified, it was going to be ok since it wasn’t them doing it.  It was God.  God sent down help. 

When I woke up, my Spirit leaped in me.  I remembered how big these angels were.  I was in awe….. I couldn’t wait to tell people.  It was so exciting.  I knew in my dream that there was going to be a ripple effect.  It has started with the Healing Rooms here in Spokane and then it will ripple everywhere.

All as I can say is: It has only just begun.