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Maribeth Benson

Maribeth Benson

Our Healing Rooms Director, Cal Pierce, has been encouraging all of us to get strong by exercising and eating healthy choices, thus renewing our bodies along with our mind. We have to do OUR part in keeping His vessel healthy, in other words, we do our part and He will do His.  Many of us at the Healing Rooms are trying to embrace this new lifestyle, some of us more than others. I happen to fall into the “others” category. 

Arty Bartlett, our Resources Director, not only embraced this lifestyle but is now a pre-Olympian! She just won first place in her division at the Spudman Triathlon (a version of the Ironman) Yes, she is my hero.  If there was a Tinman competition I would consider joining her, just the name wouldn’t be as daunting as Ironman. Arty’s first Triathlon was last year competing in the Wunder Woman (no, I did not misspell this), I foolishly said at that time, a whole ‘almost’ 12 months ago, that I would like to see if I, too, could do this! Now understand that the only thing I have exercised ever has been my mouth, my co-workers can attest to this.

I had no idea how fast a year goes by, I realized about 2 months ago that since I did sign on to do the swimming portion of my Wunder Woman team I better start to practice or else pray that I, like Peter, will be able to walk on water. I am NOT doing all 3 events like Arty and Linda Jane, our Travel Director. My 15% of logic kicked in, so I volunteered my friend, Lynda Morrison, our Healing Rooms Human Resource Director, for the bike portion. She’s a human and a great resource, plus she had no idea what I got her into, and when she finally figured it out, it was too late. Muhahahaha. Although she did try to weasel out of it by allowing her bike to fly off her bike rack smack onto the middle of Interstate 90, instantly transforming her bike into a piece of art that reflected the inner turmoil of her spirit man on competing in this race. She is now the proud owner of a new blue bike. Isn’t God good?  

My daughter, Shannon, is the anchor of our team; she is a semi-professional runner and usually places in the top 3 of every race she participates in. She must have inherited a mutant gene of mine. I figured even if Lynda rode into a tree and I swim into a kayak, we would still have a chance to medal. 

Unfortunately, I happen to live 2 blocks away from a lake. I have no excuse now not to practice. I have been crawling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to swim the ¼ mile course with the geese and the muskrats. I wish my MP3 player would work under my swim cap, a little Swan Lake to go along with my Esther Williams routine would be a welcomed diversion.

I was complaining to  Cal the other morning that I actually hate this but when I get out of the lake I do feel exhilarated. #1 being I actually can do this and #2 being that I made it back to shore! He encouraged me to continue on and reminded me that the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. I hate it when he is right.

August 18th is race day, so I will let you know the outcome of the race. By then the flesh shall be strong and the Spirit willing… or else in huge denial. The Healing Rooms participants are Arty Bartlett, Linda Jane Collins, Lynda Morrison, Shannon Freese and me, Mrs. soon to be ‘Wunder Woman’.  My team is called A Sign and a Wonder. Do I need to explain?


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