The 15th Day of AV 5773 - Part I - Brandon Rector


Brandon Rector

Brandon Rector

On July 22nd, 2013 we marked 14 years of ministry here at the Healing Rooms. A group of our intercessors decided to gather and commemorate this auspicious occasion with a night of prayer and worship. My part was to lead our worship time and allow for God to speak to us as we interceded on behalf of the unprecedented opportunity for growth and expansion from 3000 healing rooms to over 10,000 within the next few years. I decided to look up the significance of this date as it applies to the Jewish calendar. I was surprised to discover that several key events in the life of Israel took place on the 15th of AV. Here are those events and how I believe they apply to us as we step into the next 14+ years of ministry.

An END to the dying in the desert (1274 BCE)

When the spies where sent into the Promised Land, the people of Israel were frightened and unprepared to enter. (Numbers 13) God decreed that an entire generation would die in the desert. After 38 years of wandering through the wilderness the dying finally ended. A new generation stood poised to enter the Land and lay the foundations for renewal and reconstruction.

A NEW generation enters the Land of Promise. You are part of a new generation assigned to enter into the promises that God has given you, your family and ministry or church family. If you have felt like you were dying and worn out from trying to enter into all that God has for you, behold this is your day of victory and positioning for life and abundance in His Kingdom now and yet to come.

Begin laying foundations for renewal, reconstruction and revival. How does revival, renewal or reconstruction begin? Many times God has to deconstruct things, people and situations in order to build on a clean foundation for the future. Position yourself in a spirit of humility to begin rebuilding the broken places, the torn down altars or places of His presence in your spheres of influence and relationships.

Here in Spokane, the historic Monroe Street Bridge was in need of repair and new construction. Not too long after the project was under way, they discovered bird waste, extreme deterioration and hidden corrosion that required a complete deconstruction of the bridge down to the foundational pillars. This is what God has been doing in you and I. He is the Master Builder at work on His body to get rid of corrosive parts and rebuild us as a witness and testimony to His greatness.

Inter-tribal Unions restored, Unity of the Spirit
Again on the 15th of Av, the ban on inter-tribal marriage was lifted in the 13th century BCE. For 14 years, those who possessed the Promised Land were divided from each other and not allowed to marry. This ordinance was binding only on the generation that conquered and settled the Holy Land during the 14-year period 2488-2503 from creation (1273-1258 BCE); when the restriction was lifted, on the 15th of Av, the event was considered a cause for celebration and festivity.

This speaks of unity of and in the Spirit for the body of Christ. For too long we have separated ourselves through denominations, divisions over beliefs and selfish ambition. Some have even thought it was decent and respectable to keep their distance from other believers and bless them from afar. God is asking us to rethink our toleration of each other in exchange for real relationships, church merges and ministry together. We cannot reach our cities alone, we must begin to work together with our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

That which has been torn or rent is rejoined
The tribe of Benjamin had been cast out due to the incident of the Concubine at Givah but on the 15th of Av they were readmitted into the community of Israel (Judges 19-21.) Benjamin can be interpreted to mean Son of the Right Hand. Maybe we need to re-extend the right hand of fellowship to those in the family of God. Our divisions and separations have become offensive to God. As the ripping of clothing was a sign of separation, so shall our reunions become a sign to unbelievers that we are His followers, true disciples and fellow citizens of His Kingdom (John 13:35.)

Roadblocks to God’s presence removed
Again on the 15th of Av (574 BCE), Jeroboam’s roadblocks that divided the kingdom of Israel in two were removed allowing for pilgrimage to the holy temple in Jerusalem. The primary cause for the destruction of the Temple was divisiveness within the community of Israel. Accordingly, our redemption is found in fostering unity and harmony amongst all of God’s people.

God is removing the roadblocks that have hindered our families, the Body of Christ and us. We cannot allow them to be rebuilt through unforgiveness, jealousy or divisive competition. We must rebuild the walls that have been torn down as a defense against secularism, materialism and moral relativism. Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem side-by-side, back-to-back and family with family.