Prophetic Word - Thomas Benson


Thomas Benson

Thomas Benson

The following is a word that I received from the Lord on July 18, 2013 in our morning prayer here at the Healing Rooms. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I want to encourage you to build a spirit of expectation and begin to posture and position yourselves so that this can become a reality in your life. We need to really begin to apprehend the promises of God for the coming days that lie ahead. Let’s take to heart 1 Timothy 2:1 and bring ourselves before the Lord in supplication prayers and intercession.

Do not believe all that you are seeing and hearing in the news, stop looking at the circumstances around you and begin to lift up your eyes to the hills where your help comes from. Beloved, I charge you to begin to think deeply about your hope, your dreams, the promises that you believe that you have received from Me;  your desires for your family, what you believe that your ministry will be. I want you to multiply that by 10 and that is the place that I AM going to begin. I will bring back the prodigals that you have given up on. I will bring a unity to My body that will astound you

I know that this is beyond your ability to comprehend at this time but know this, that in your mind I am going to give you a software upgrade and a hardware upgrade. I will enable you to do file delete on thoughts that are not Mine and doctrines that I do not approve of, as well as painful memories.

My word says that you have the mind of Christ, and My word is true; watch what I do as I bring this verse to full fruition in you. Do not doubt My ability to do this for I laugh at the things that you don’t believe are possible.

I am much more capable than you give Me credit for; if you can believe, all things are possible to those that believe.