Leadership Positions


Debbie Powell, IAHR Office Manager

Just want to keep you all informed about the latest leadership positions that were created over the past year and review the existing ones.

Those who have been called by God to be a part of the International Association of Healing Rooms and open a Healing Room become Directors. They oversee and guide the day-to-day operation of the Healing Room. They train up new prospective team members for their Healing Room, as well as continue to encourage spiritual growth for existing team members. Along with the Director there can be a Co-Director or an Associate Director. The Co-Director is equal in authority and responsibility to the Director. The Associate Director is one whose authority and duties are delegated by the Director. They are expected to prayerfully support, encourage and endorse the ministry, its director (co-director) and volunteers.

Another part of IAHR is our USA State Directors and Advisors. These are ones God has highlighted to IAHR and their Regional Director. Those who say "yes" to the invitation begin as USA State Advisors. This is typically for a year, however, there is God's timing to consider. The Advisors work to promote the spread of Healing Rooms in their state. They are the ones who develop the relationship with the Healing Rooms Directors in their state.

The USA Regional Directors oversee the Healing Rooms in their Region. They are responsible for the training and equipping of potential new Directors. They cast the vision of Healing Rooms, as well as Kingdom thinking. The Regional also works with and develops relationship with the State Directors or Advisors in the states they administer to. Our Nation is divided into eleven regions. Each region consists of one (Hawaiian Islands) to seven states.

With the rapid growth of Healing Rooms in our Nation it was necessary to develop two new positions this past year. We now have a USA Assistant Regional Director and a USA Assistant State Advisor. Their authority and duties are delegated. They are to help their Regional or State person.

The National Directors are those who oversee the Healing Rooms in their nation. Many of those who have become the National of their country started out as an IAHR Contact. They provide training for those who would like to start Healing Rooms, as well as assist the Healing Rooms Directors in their nations. Many IAHR Contacts move on to become National Advisors. The Advisors have increased responsibilities for their nation but Spokane leadership still plays an important role to help with decisions that are made. As they grow as Advisors, as they bear fruit, they typically become the National Director. Though they continue to work with the National Headquarters in Spokane, they administrate the vision that God has put into their heart for their nation. It is during this transition from Advisor to Director that they work towards setting up a national office to work from. They also facilitate the translation of our materials into their language.

All who enter into a leadership position have not only demonstrated leadership qualities but have been highlighted by God for these positions. It is after prayer and the Lord's confirmation that a person (couple) is asked to consider the position. All of those that have been placed are to promote unity among team members and leadership. They are to follow the IAHR model of prayer for the Healing Room, as well as allow the freedom of the Holy Spirit to move.