Fall Into His Arms - Maribeth Benson


Maribeth Benson

Maribeth Benson

Last Monday, my little 2-year-old whirlwind grandbaby, Lorelei, came over to visit her Gammie and Papa Tom.  I took her to the park and we spent the afternoon going down the slides, pushing her on the swings, visiting the ducks in the lake, pretty much experiencing her joy through her eyes.

On the way home we saw several geese and deer and I stopped the car so she could wish them a good day. As we neared our home she inquired if Papa Tom was ‘in there.’ “Yes,” I said, and instantly she started on her Houdini moves, contorting her arms and legs in an attempt to escape from the belts of her car seat.  She couldn’t contain her eagerness to recount to Papa all the adventures she had and what she had seen.

When the front door opened, she fell into Papa Tom’s arms. Reaching for his face, she held his cheeks in her little hands to gain his complete attention and then exclaimed, “Papa Tom! I saw Deeeeerrr and I saw Geeeese and I went down a slide and I saw some ducks and, and, and, I went on a sching (swing)!”

I thought to myself how awesome it would be if we were to carry that same excitement every night when we recount to Him our day!

“And, and, I blessed my co-worker, and I loved Your sunset tonight, and I got to give a cup of coffee to Your poor, and I saw one of Your children through Your eyes and not mine, and, and, and…”

Wouldn’t He love it if we, with childlike exuberance, would just Fall into His Arms?


Maribeth Benson (AKA GammieMaribeth) is the Prayer Receptionist for the Spokane Healing Rooms