I apologize, but... - Debbie Powell


Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell

This summer I received an email from a friend asking a very simple question to which I snapped at him in my response. After I sent the email God convicted me of being unkind. It took me awhile to figure out how to email my apology without an explanation as to why I had responded the way I did.

When we say, “I’m sorry, but…” it negates our apology and allows us to feel justified for our actions. Someone once told me that this sort of apology shows our immaturity. Whoa! That statement has never left me and helped me to just apologize. Should the person ask, “What’s going on?”, then we would have the freedom to give an explanation. This happened in my case, and I was able to add some information that explained my response without justifying it.

So I encourage you, next time you need to apologize for “bad behavior”, just apologize - with no buts about it!