Shouldering His Love - Maribeth Benson


Maribeth Benson

Maribeth Benson

In an effort to correct my swimming stroke for the Wonder Woman Triathlon I participated in last Aug, I strained my shoulder. So much for being wondrous huh?  So for the last four months my shoulder has hurt a bit when I lift my arms, sleep on my side, zip up my dress… pretty much anything that involves shoulder technology.  

Now you would think that being the Receptionist here at the Healing Rooms, I would have signed up for prayer. As I said, you would think… but my thinking was since I sit in this Healing Atmosphere all day it would eventually heal. Besides it wasn’t really THAT bad and, being the saint that I am, I didn’t want to waste His, via our pray team’s, time. 

Ok, I admit that is a pretty lame excuse.  Yesterday I decided that my sleep deprivation should or must be addressed to Him. After all, my poor husband’s eyes are now the same beautiful shade of red as mine! Going into the Christmas season it does look quite festive but I find it is now clashing with my eye shadow and the look just isn’t good at all on my husband!

So I finally decided to ask my girlfriend, who also happens to be on our prayer team and has the shoulder anointing, to pray for me. It was a simple 2 min prayer asking Him to restore the joints in my shoulder, and all the tendons and ligaments, back to normal.  She said she felt the healing heat in her hand as she prayed. I personally didn’t feel the heat but He did take away the pain!  Last night I slept on my right side but I kept waking every hour to test out my pain free shoulder. LOL!  As of this morning the shoulder is still totally healed and will remain so!

He reminded me that He wants us all to walk in Divine Health, be it a sore toe, a serious illness, or just a strained shoulder. It ALL matters to Him because I matter to Him. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Keep up your asking, It’s free you know! 

Maribeth Benson is the Prayer Receptionist for the Spokane Healing Rooms