Prophetic Word - Tom Murphy


Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

To My Children –

Why do you attempt to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye when you cannot clearly see because of the log in your own? I call you My children because that is who you are. My love, grace and mercy is great toward you. I would have you to walk before Me holy. This is an impossible thing for you to do on your own but all things are possible with Me, as you hold on to My hand moment by moment and trust Me.

I have given you much vision and revelation. Why would you depend on the weak and beggarly elements, the ways of this world, or your own intellect, or wisdom to try to accomplish any of this? I am right here at your side. I am at hand, to walk with you and lead you in every step of the way.

Why are there fighting and quarrels among you? I do not bless or condone this behavior. I have called you to love one another. I have given you the answer to walk in harmony. My Son walked before you, gave you an example of love to walk before Me in holiness. Why have you let these things slip? Be humble before Me. Come before Me with a humble heart. I am fully able and will heal all your hearts as you come from your own working and trust Me to do what is necessary.

Stop pointing the finger at one another. Why go to law with one another? Why don’t you suffer yourself to be defrauded? If you will choose to walk in the example that My Son gave you, I will uphold you, heal you and also heal others that you have been in conflict with. I say again…cease your own works, enter into My rest, stop striving amongst yourselves!

I implore you to love one another! I have called you to suffer long, to be kind, do not envy, walk in humility, behave yourself properly before Me, seek others’ welfare, don’t take on offense, choose to not think evil, don’t rejoice in any one’s faults or downfall. Rejoice in the truth, choose to cover things with My love, choose to endure all things. Love one another!

As you trust Me and as you put your hand in Mine, I will lead you in all of this. Your peace, joy, and love will be full. It will bring healing to all of you.

As I told you, I love you! You are My children! Come to Me! I will supply your every need and heal every wound and sickness, I will fill up all the vision, calling, revelation, and destiny that I have spoken and called you into as you walk hand in hand with Me. Do not be afraid to confess, repent and forgive one another. I will then heal you and heal your land. 

Tom Murphy is a lead trainer at the Spokane Healing Rooms and he and his wife, Sharon, head up the Transformation Prayer Team.