The 15th Day of Av 5773, Part III - Brandon Rector


Brandon Rector

Brandon Rector

This is my final article on the 15th of AV, which is the most auspicious or opportune day of the year coinciding with the 22nd of July 2013 - (The 14th anniversary of the re-opening of the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA).

As we approach the New Year 2014, we can expect to see many blessings directly associated with these Kairos moments that occurred on the 15th of AV. You can revisit my other articles here, Part 1 and Part 2.

I ended the last article with the rejoicing and dancing that occurred on the 15th of AV that symbolizes our relationship with God and communion with Him.

A Season of Greater Intimacy and Relationships.

The 15th of AV also represents a greater desire for God and intimacy in our relationships with His people. Now intimacy here refers to a special union we have through our divine fellowship or Christ-like communion. It points to the great wedding feast we will experience as His chosen people when we, the Bride, and Groom become eternally wed.

All you manly guys out there, you’d better get your wedding dress ready! Yes, we will be part of His Bride, dressed in white linen and washed by the blood of the Lamb. If being a man is anything, I can sometimes lean too much on my gift of manhood. This is good for some things, like helping others and providing protection for my family, but it can also become bad when I don’t allow the tender, compassionate and loving man out to demonstrate acts of God’s divine love. This isn’t a sissy, weak and feeble display, but rather a strong, manly passion, fully unashamed to be called God’s beloved.

In the coming year we can participate in two types of love toward God. First, there is a love that is self-motivated and exercised through continuous contemplation and meditation of Him, His Goodness and His Word. The second love is within us through our inheritance as His children. This love is inborn through the working of His Spirit - deep inside each and every one of us who call Him our own possession. Many of us have experienced times when we have longed for better days or when we burned with passion, commitment and unrestrained love for Him. You can once again expect “first-love” seasons to begin exploding within you and your loved ones. It will be like a long-lost love that suddenly springs up within the deepest region of your soul.

Self-Reliance and the Strength of Man, Which Shortens Life, Must be Broken.

When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, the annual cutting of firewood for the altar was concluded on the 15th of Av. This event was celebrated with feasting and rejoicing and included a ceremonial breaking of the axes that were utilized.  At first glace, this appears to be very wasteful and meaningless for those who might appreciate a good axe! Yet this breaking of the axes represents a renewed leaning and trusting upon the strength of God rather than our own earthly impotency.

Iron (representing the strength of man) was created to shorten the life of man, and the altar (representing the strength of God) was created to prolong the life of man. To celebrate our own strength or mastery over life is in direct opposition to the one who brings us eternal peace and harmony. God is to be acknowledged and rightfully placed upon the throne of our lives.

Do you really trust God in all things? Will you break the axe of your own efforts and abilities in favor of His presence? Before another Christmas comes and goes, begin to unwrap His Presence and remember to allow Him to altar your life – that is to place your strength upon His fiery altar.

After 14 foundational years of building Healing Rooms Ministries, God will now show forth His mighty hand, increasing abundance in our lives as we exalt Him through worship. Our desire is to give God the highest place in all we do – our hearts, homes and lives. In 2014, God is divinely positioning Healing Rooms for global impact. He has pruned and purged us all for greater fruitfulness and supernatural increase in this generation and for future generations.

Jesus said, “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance” - John 10:10. This isn’t the prosperity - bless our mess gospel, but potential for a genuine life worth living – to the fullest! God is a prosperity-minded benefactor, but only to the degree that our souls benefit from the greatest level of affluence. Third John chapter 1, verse 2 states “I pray that you are doing well [prospering] in every way [all respects] and that your health is good, just as your soul is doing fine [that it is truly well with your soul and your soul is prospering]”. God is releasing a holiness-tic (A Holistic Holiness) healing and supernatural health-care through the ministry of Healing Rooms, in everybody, to every soul and through His Mighty Spirit!

May God’s blessing be upon every reader of these articles, may the Lord give you supernatural increase both physically and spiritually for the New Year 2014.