Stephanie was in too much pain to come to our Healing Rooms, so we asked if we could send some of our team to pray for her in her apartment. When we got there we found out that Stephanie had severally injured her back in a car accident and for the past 4 years had been in intense pain and was not able to even leave her apartment. We spent an hour praying with her and agreed to come back after our Healing Rooms session the following Wednesday.

It was part way through the our next Wednesday session that the door opened and in walked Stephanie! She had walked about a kilometer from her apartment and walked home after. She is now driving again and from her e-mail two days ago she said 'I have been feeling better and better.... shockingly so!'

Stephanie received a healing and has truly been set free, but has not yet encountered the healer, so we continue to pray for that revelation to come to her.

Nanaimo Healing Rooms - British Columbia, Canada