"We also received the prayer cloth that you sent.  It has brought healing to several people.  The day it arrived, my daughter, Megan, was supposed to travel to California in 3 days, but was miserably sick with a sinus infection and what looked like flu symptoms.  She put the cloth on her head and within minutes, her sinus headache was gone and her color began to come back.  She slept with the cloth on her pillow and in the morning got up and was well enough to go to work.  

The next day I had a headache and put it on my head and it left.  Megan happened to bring the cloth with us to our prayer meeting.  Her sister, Chris, showed up feeling under the weather.  We put the cloth on her and within minutes she said that the headache she had for most of the day was gone and she was feeling stronger. One of the young men there had been having pain in his jaw for about a week.  We put the cloth on him and also prayed.  He was healed. 

We had him take the cloth home to his mother, who had been sick for two weeks.  She was healed. The wonderful thing about this healing is that the family did not have medical insurance and was concerned about having to come up with money to pay for doctors and any medicine.  Praise God!!! Thank you.  I believe the cloth is still being passed around to those who have need of healing."

Arlene K.