Prayer Directives


Stacia Thompson
Stacia Thompson, Intercessor

Greetings from Spokane!

Our focus for intercession right now has been on the upcoming Spiritual Hunger Conference. We believe this conference will be the most important one to date.

The main speakers this year will be Bill & Beni Johnson, Jim White, Rick Taylor and of course, Cal Pierce. The worship will be led by Don Potter along with Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. WOW!!! So we are praying that everything that comes forth through the worship and all of the speakers will bring a unified theme of God's Kingdom purposes here and in the earth.

We are also praying specifically for the release of the Seven Fold Spirits of God - however He chooses to manifest and release them (Isaiah 11:2).

We hope to see you there at the conference, but we are asking all of you to cover this conference in intercession and prayer. We appreciate all that you are doing for the Lord in this hour!! Know that we are covering you in our prayers as well.