Preparing for the Invasion! - Jim White


Jim White

Jim White

“Make no mistake about it, Heaven will invade Earth!” Those are the words I heard a couple of weeks ago while flying home one evening. It was so clear. Then I heard it again. I leaned over and told my wife what I had just heard and we both were impacted by it. Two days later I heard it again. But this time I also heard, “What role will you play in it?” Now that got me thinking. I believe the most talked about subject in heaven right now is the invasion of earth. Call it what you want, but make no mistake about it there is some serious activity going on in heaven right now and I believe legions of angels are being trained to empty out the warehouses of body parts and body organs in heaven.

What I’m seeing in the spirit is phenomenal! God is inviting each one of you to play a role in this epic move of His Spirit. This is going to be the mother load of revivals. You can take all the major moves of God, past revivals and outpourings and roll them into one and then multiply that a thousand times and it will not come close to being what is about to take place. Some may say I’m crazy or have an over-worked imagination. I don’t care, I know what I’m seeing and hearing and this is huge! I felt sadness last week when I heard and read of Evangelist Steve Hill’s passing. Steve was the evangelist God had used so mightily during the 90’s at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida.

Our son, Matthew, was so touched by God at that revival that we had to have help carrying him to the car and then into the condo we were staying at while there. His body shook and trembled all night long until daybreak under the power and presence of Holy Spirit. When I read about Steve’s home-going last week, I heard Holy Spirit say to me, “He’s not just passed away but the days of revival as you and many others have known has also passed away. What I’m about to release will not be able to be compared to any other move or revival in history. There will be no end to this invasion of Heaven when it starts. No one will have to travel to some distant place to experience this move. I’m coming to earth and signs, wonders and miracles such as never been seen will accompany Me.”

I will not be the same. I am not the same. I feel as if I’ve been apprehended by a Revival Angel, if there is such one. All I know is there is a fire burning deep within me. I can feel it. You can’t hold a revival any more than you can hold the wind. I remember as a little boy our church would from time to time hold a revival. That meant they had set aside a certain amount of days and bring in an evangelist to preach and hold meetings. They called that revival. However, a week after the meetings had ended you could hardly tell they had been. That’s all passed now. Millions are waking up and coming out of their graves. The graveyard of apathy and complacency can no longer hold them. These saints have been through the fire and the flood. They truly know God and are poised and ready to do exploits on a level the earth has never seen.

This army has been mostly hidden and overlooked by the who’s who in local churches. They haven’t been in the spotlight. No, instead they’ve been content being hidden in Christ, and while patiently waiting for this invasion, they busied themselves preparing for this moment in history! Are you one of them? Are you one who has a fire burning deep within and you can no longer ignore the call of your Beloved to come forth and shine with the light of Jesus?

This is the day we must preach the gospel of the Kingdom. As we do, only when necessary are we to use words! That’s right, this invasion of Heaven is going to release an army of light bearers that are going to arrive demonstrating the power of Holy Spirit. We’ve talked about it, preached about, prophesied it and now it’s happening. The days of God’s Glory covering the earth are upon us. I want to play a role in this invasion and I have the feeling that you do, too. Let’s allow Holy Spirit to transform our Healing Rooms into Upper Rooms, where everyone experiences the glory realm.

The role you and I are being called to play in this invasion is to make ourselves available to Holy Spirit as carriers of His presence and releasers of His glory. I know we’ve been doing this but I think you will agree with me when I say, in light of what I’m seeing in the Spirit, we’ve been doing it on a very small scale. Make yourself ready while there’s time. The window is open but soon it will shut. Right now is the time to get rid of excess baggage so you won’t be hindered when you’re called upon to have fresh impact on the world!