Celebrating Him - Maribeth Benson


Maribeth Benson

Maribeth Benson

Here at the Healing Rooms we make it a point to celebrate each and every one of our staff’s birthdays. Yes, I admit sometimes our birthday celebrants are less than enthusiastic with all the attention somewhat centered on them... Ok, it’s all centered on them!

I guess they may find the duck hats, baby bonnets, Spock ears and turkey box heads we adorn them with somewhat exasperating but everything is done with dignity, always dignity. And eventually they realize it’s all in love and fun and, frankly, there is no escape. We just want them to know how special they are and how much we love them.

Now we all know, but sometimes forget, that the Lord celebrates us every day, not just on our birthdays but every day, hour, minute, every second. And He longs to be the center of our attention. He may even wear a duck hat or a turkey box head to get it but usually He is less flamboyant. It is more of that little inward voice telling us how much He loves us, how special we are,  the center of His attention and how He longs to be our best friend.

God doesn’t have birthdays since He has always been, and always will be (besides there aren’t enough candles in this world for His cake!), but I do know He always RSVP's to all our party invitations. He loves all the attention we can lather on Him with dignity, of course, always dignity!

Maribeth Benson is our prayer side receptionist at Spokane Headquarters and resident comedienne.