Testimony from Albania


Tirana, Albania  Tirana, Albania  Tirana, Albania

This is a story of Raju, an Indian man living in Tirana, Albania.

Raju had been through our Healing Rooms training in Tirana in 2012 and we also had precious time with him and other believers in January this year. Raju was recently a professor at the Islamic Turkish University in Tirana but he lost his position due to sharing his faith. He now helps his wife in cooking takeaway meals but also seeks to serve the Lord.

One morning this March he went to see the Spring day celebrations in the centre of Tirana. He was surprised at the large crowd moving in all directions, music, dances, etc. There were many new age stalls there - clairvoyants, mediums, Reiki, satanists. He saw a beautifully dressed Albanian musical band and went to see it.

All of sudden there was shouting, people started running in all directions, trying best to save a little boy's life. He was lying on the grass. Some were pouring water on his head, some were trying to rush him to the Hospital; meanwhile, police were doing their best to control the situation. Raju's heart broke when we saw the little boy without life and his mother crying. He didn't know what to do or how to help them.

He thought the only solution would be praying in the name of JESUS CHRIST. He strongly felt to pray and started asking GOD somehow to save the child from dying. He got as close as he could and asked the police, "Can I pray, can I pray?" but the policeman pointed with one hand on his GUN, and said, "Go back, don't you see he is a doctor ?" (who was doing emergency manual heart respiration procedure, CPR).

Raju shouted to the mother, "Please control yourself, nothing will happen. Jesus will save your baby." But she was in shock and she was crying miserably, none could console her.

A scripture came to mind – John 14:12-14. He thought it's only JESUS who can help that mother. He stood there behind the doctor and prayed aloud: "Lord! Please save this baby. DEATH YOU BACK OFF, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, LIFE RESTORE. Devil, you are a liar. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Many people were looking at the doctor eagerly and staring at Raju strangely. (Raju knows for sure Jesus is living among us today). Just in a few minutes the boy came back to life and started crying loudly. Everyone was surprised and a few Christians stood there praising GOD. They all enjoyed those precious moments.

Immediately, Raju shared it with Pastor Prince and they continued walking to the University. The Pastor was like a celebrity for people passing by. GOD gave them many valuable prayer opportunities to share the love of Jesus and pray for many young men, couples and their families.

It was a special Spring day there in Tirana. A simple pagan festival turned in to a miraculous day with Jesus. Raju says that if He can use us unworthy servants, He can use anyone who believes in His name.

His conclusion: Glory and Honor truly belongs to our Almighty Father in Heaven, His Son, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT who are living within us.

Francis Kirby