Prophetic Word - July 27, 2014 - Thomas Benson


There will always be storms in life, they come like the waves of the sea at different intervals. Some are just the adversity and storms of life, others are the storms of the enemy; you must be able to tell the difference. And, yes, some are storms allowed by Me for My purposes.

I can use them all for your benefit but you must learn to stand in the eye of the storm. Every storm has an eye but you must find Me. I am the eye in every storm, it is there that you find peace and then you can let it rage around you.

For I turn defeat into victory, weakness into strength, tears into laughter, darkness into light, sorrow into joy, sickness into health, and loss into gain.

I am all that you will ever need, lift up your eyes and your voice and I will hear and I will answer. Listen for My voice, I am all that you need to hear. I am all that you need to see. I am your everything. I am your all in all. I am your inheritance, I am your destiny, I am your exceedingly great reward.

I am whatever you need, whenever you need it. I AM THAT I AM. I AM all that you need to see and I AM all that you need to hear, because you belong to Me and I will not share you with another. Set your heart on Me, set all your devotion on Me, set your mind on Me. I want all of your time, I want all of your attention, I want all of your energy. When I have all of you then you will have all of Me.

There’s not a better deal anywhere in the universe.