Testimonial - Dear to God's Heart


(From Rich and Dottie Kane)

Dear Cal & Michelle,

We rejoice with you my brother and sister in the way that the Lord has blessed the Nations through the work of your hands. It is truly astounding to see that which our God has done in the birthing of Healing Rooms throughout the world. We rejoiced in receiving your letter which shares that which the Lord has done and will be doing in the future through the 'Healing Rooms Ministry'.

You can count on us! We believe in what you are doing and desire to help support the furtherance of Healing Rooms being birthed around the world. We desire to sow a monthly love offering from us personally and also a monthly love offering from the Healing Rooms Ministries of South Florida as the Lord provides.

It has been a joy to us to be a part of the IAHR Family since 2001. As a ministry in South Florida we have literally prayed for thousands of people and have seen the Lord heal, save, deliver and baptize many in the Holy Spirit. Many of God's people have been activated here to do the work of ministry. We have also seen the unity of the Holy Spirit between our Ministry Team People who represent over 40 churches & Messianic Synagogues in the South Florida community. This indeed pleases the Heart of our God!

The birthing of the Healing Rooms was a fulfillment of a dream that I had from the Lord in 1977. In the dream I saw a 'Healing Center', where the people of God were being used by the Lord in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do the work of ministry. The Lord spoke to me in the dream and said that this work would be a "Spiritual Hospice". When I looked it up, the definition that stood out to me was that it was a place of refuge, where the weary traveler could come to and be healed, restored and made whole again and then sent on the rest of the way of their journey.

This so described what the Lord had placed in our hearts that everyplace we went we tried to implement this vision, until finally the vision died. The vision had died from us outworking it in the arm of the flesh, for it was a work that could only be birthed by the Spirit of God.

In 2001 we received the Ministries Today magazine. It had the article about you and the birthing of the Healing Rooms Ministries in Spokane. As we read this article the Lord spoke to our hearts and said: "This is that which I had spoken to you about in 1977. I desire that you would start the Healing Rooms Ministries here in South Florida." We received this word from the Lord and held it in our hearts asking the Lord to confirm this word from Him to us.

Two months later we went up to Baltimore, MD for two weeks of classes. At the time we were getting our 'Masters Degree' from the C. Peter Wagner Leadership Institute. One of our instructors was James Goll who was one of the ones used by the Lord in Dottie's healing of kidney cancer.

We met James in the hallway and he immediately began sharing with us with great excitement about the Healing Rooms. He had just returned from ministering at your conference in Spokane, WA. He shared the way in which the Lord was using the Healing Rooms in healings, miracles, signs and wonders and how the Lord was using ordinary people to do the works of ministry. It took every ounce of our strength not to say anything to him about what the Lord had spoken to us concerning starting the Healing Rooms in South Florida.

The next day we were sitting in class and James shared: "You have authority to give away that which you have won a victory in." He then looked at us and said, "You know this right well, for it was a victory over death in this kidney cancer area. But the Lord is going to do a most marvelous work in the both of your lives, for He will give you your own Elijah House - your own place of healing." He went on prophetically concerning the birthing of the Healing Rooms Ministries through us. This prophetic word was given to us in May of 2001, two months after we had received the Ministries Today magazine. This was the word that we needed to get us out of the boat, so to speak, and the rest is history as the Lord undertook and brought forth the Healing Rooms here in South Florida as well as throughout the State of Florida.

Thank you my brother and sister for being obedient to the Lord in the establishing of the Healing Rooms Ministries throughout the world. It truly is a mighty move of the Spirit of God where nearly 1.2 million people are receiving ministry every year and thousands of God's people have been activated to do the work of ministry. A ministry where the 'Unity of the Holy Spirit' is cultivated and desired. THANK YOU is such an inadequate word to describe the love that we have in our hearts for you both!

Much love,

Rich & Dottie Kane