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David WylieWell Hello! My name is David Wylie and I have accepted the invitation to join the Healing Rooms movement as the Resource Manager and I am in awe of you all! It is an honor to be serving you. This position matches my calling that has been on my life since I was a little guy. One night the Lord woke me up and I heard the words, "I want you to help ministers finish a life of ministry well." This fits that calling incredibly. I love to learn what God is up to as well as what the people of God are doing and even learn from those who have gone before us. Kingdom resources that help us to get the mind of Christ are a joy for me to study and glean from.Below are some great things that we can glean from in this next season! Serving, David Wylie Bookstore@healingrooms.com
First I want to tell you about an upcoming resource from some of our very own here at the Spokane Healing Rooms. This training manual is set to be out in late September. Transforming the Land and Cities by Sharon Murphy

Transforming the Land and Cities: A Training Manual for Healing Our World by Sharon Murphy is going to help us to think about healing outside the rooms. This training manual provides empowering truths that allow us to change the world by co-laboring with the work of Jesus. Sharon and Tom Murphy examine scriptures which confirm the need for us to partner with the Creator for the land to be healed. This manual reveals the process for believers in removing the roots of sin in the land and how this is done by partnering with the completed work of Jesus. In relationship with the Father every believer can participate in forgiveness and the transformation of the land and cities. We are sons and daughters of our Father God and we have the amazing ability to carry out His redemptive will on the earth. By reading this manual you will learn how you can be an active part of the transformation of the land where you live. You will be inspired to take on your destiny in God’s plans for His beloved creation.

The joy of the Lord is our strength and this next resource will help us get God's perspective on all the troubles of this world. Enjoy! DVD- Joy of Intercession by Beni Johnson DVD- Joy of Intercession by Beni Johnson DVD-583-685 $39.99

Learn the secrets to becoming a happy intercessor and experience breakthrough, joy, and results as you pray. Whether you are an individual who wants to begin a personal Bible study, a small group leader looking to go through a topical series, or a teacher in your local church with a vision to disciple the body of Christ in prayer, The Joy of Intercession will empower you, your group or church class to pray from a whole new level and watch God move like never before!

By going through this study, you will discover how to:

  • Experience a deeper relationship with the Father through intercession
  • Confidently declare God’s Word and promises over your life
  • Pray from a position of victory and witness supernatural results
  • Walk in Kingdom authority that releases God’s miraculous solutions
  • Engage in effective spiritual warfare through worship and joy
This is a great title to keep in your library. Also, the author, James Goll, will be with us at our October Infusion Conference. Hope to see you there.  Compassionate Prophetic Intercession Study Guide by James Goll Compassionate Prophetic Intercession Study Guide by James Goll B-SGC-PIEN $20.00

This Compassionate Prophetic Intercession Study Guide is part of the Chamber of Intimacy Series: Blueprints for Prayer | Prelude to Revival and provides a solid scriptural understanding of how to marry the priestly role of holding the needs of the people before God with the prophetic role of leaning into God’s heart for the people. These 14 lessons feature James W. Goll’s finest teaching on the fundamentals of prophetic intercession and represent one of the primary messages of his life. Topics include Travail, Tears in His Bottle, Prophetic Intercession, The Power of Proclamation, Praying in the Spirit, and more. If you want to grow in the place of praying in alignment with the heart of God, then this dynamic manual is for you. This study guide is great for individual study in your own home, with a small group, or in a classroom setting. It also serves as part of the core curriculum for a course by the same title in our God Encounters Training – eSchool of the Heart (visit www.GETeSchool.com for more info). At the end of each detailed lesson are simple questions for your reflection and review. As you work through these lessons and put them into practice, you will find your times of intercession sharpened and sensitized by prophetic grace.

Usually ships in 3-4 weeks. Limited supply