Prayer Directives


Greetings from Spokane,

When I was in grade-school my teachers informed my parents that I was a dreamer. While other students were studying I would be gazing out the windows. I would find myself dreaming about a number of different things. I was always quite taken with the movies and at around 8 years of age I started dreaming about being one of those larger than life characters on the silver screen.

In 1969 when I became a Christian, my daydreams began to change. I began to dream about doing great things for God. For a lot of years I actually thought that I was just lazy and wasting time, that dreaming about ministering for God was just pride and a by-product of my own insecurities. Of course the enemy of my soul was very willing to encourage me in that line of thinking. Don't fall into that trap. It is a lie from the enemy. He will try to tell you that it is just a lack of focus and that you had better start taking those thoughts captive; but the truth is that it is really the way you were created by God! Don't fight it! What's really happening is that you are using a sanctified imagination. Proverbs 23:7 says, "For as a man thinks in his heart so is he." So come on. Let those day dreams slide right into the sanctified imagination.

Throughout history many men and women have stumbled upon great ideas while dreaming both in God's Kingdom and without. If you have stopped dreaming I want you to start again. Don't lose your vision. Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no vision that people perish. You have to have dreams. In God you can even receive revelation from on high while dreaming about the King and his kingdom.

I have recently begun dreaming about what it would look like when the entire city of Spokane comes into the kingdom; every man, every woman every boy and every girl. My mind has no grid for that but my spirit is all over it. What? You can't believe it? Mark 9:23 says, "If thou can believe all things are possible to him that believes." So come on, I want you to begin to dream with me about America, our homeland. Let's dream about one nation under God like never before. It can happen!

Think about it,

Thomas Benson
Healing Rooms Intercessor