from Prince George Healing Rooms Society; Dawn Farber, Director -

I will summarize my testimony, before I begin, with John 16:32-33. This is the basis of my faith, God can overcome any problem, He is bigger then all of them!! My daughter is 9 years old and she was born with a hole in the upper chamber of her heart which required an open heart surgery in 2007 at the age 4.  The medical term was ASD. I spent the year prior to the surgery filled with depression and anxiety.  I had a year to sit and worry, alone, scared to my core that my duaghter would die, have a stroke or just plain go throught trauma.  I felt I aged 10 years over the year. As it was, she made it through, but not smoothly.  An undiagnosed factor 7 blood disorder complicated things and recovery was worse than the surgery.  In 2007, I did not know God, I was an atheist. In 2008, my eldest son got in trouble and caused me to move him to a Christian school, which began my faith journey, and my children's.

Sometime in 2008, they discovered Honey's heart had developed scar tissue and a major artery was blocked restricting oxygen flow.  We lived in Winnipeg.  Heart appointments were few and far between and the doctors didn't give proper attention to the matter as they were flown in from India and not regular medical staff.

We moved to British Columbia in 2012.  Honey's condition was seen in a different way, it had to be re-evaluated and quickly.  Two appointments at BC Children's quickly determined she needed a second open heart surgery (bypass) and soon. I returned after the second trip devastated.

The day after, I spent a long time in my daughter's room, when she was at school, crying and praying to God.  Here is what He did when I woke up the next day - all anxiety was gone! I was INCAPABLE of negative emotion. I was calm, happy, and a voice in my head said, "Don't worry, God has it."  This would be impossible for me without God.  I don't handle medical stress well.  I was so overcome by His presence, I wrote a mass email telling everyone what God did and asking for prayer for Honey.  The email was positive and full of praise and faith that "God Had It".

The response was amazing! My daughter's teacher asked if I had heard of the Healing Rooms, I had not.  She told me to check out the website.  I did and it looked amazing.  She was on the Healing Team in our city and arranged a prayer session two days prior to Honey's next major medical appointment, which included an echo(cardiogram) and stress test.  The ladies were lovely and I was so excited all day awaiting the session.  They prayed for the Lord to heal her heart.

Two days later we were at the hospital.  Her results were much better.  Her body had grown a new artery to pick up the slack of the clogged one.  They determined to do a small day surgery and balloon the blocked artery, but only as a future prevention, not because it was needed.  Her new vein was in action and doing it's job.

This is a miracle!! God said He had it.  And He does.  Not only is she healed, but what this did was bring together such a beautiful display of faith.  One little girl was an example of how the community of Christ is so powerful, a strong and loving family and I know God was smiling as this is what He desires.

God never left us.  I am very grateful, to our loving Father, to the ladies who placed their hands upon her at the Healing Rooms and denounced her heart condition n the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  My daughter has been blessed and healed.  Thank you, God. Thank you Healing Rooms and our prayer warrior team, we love you.