Prophetic Word - Tom Murphy


Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy

Receive My life blood as you rest connected to Me. I am the vine and you are My branches. I will supply everything for every need and desire. There is no way you will lack any good thing as you remain in Me. I will finish the work that I began in each of you. Do not look to the right or the left for more than what I provide for you and keep your gaze fixed on Me.

As you learn this in full measure, I will release the fullness of what is needed in every occasion. As surely as each one of you has asked Me to live in your heart, that is where I am. I am always there and truly at hand. Only shun all things that would distract you from gazing upon Me and hearing what I am saying and seeing what I am doing.

I have given each one of you a particular revelation from Me that is unique and I continue to release more to you daily. I am filling up your store house so that at My appointed times you will release it from My kingdom as I nudge you to do so. In doing this you release My heart upon the creation that I so love, and it will bring forth the rich and abundant fruit that I desire.

As we walk in this way together, I will bring more and more and more fullness, the fullness of Myself in you, the fullness of My love, My peace, My joy, My very heart. Your passion for Me and My heart will be filled to overflowing.

I encourage you to hold all the things that I have given to you loosely, all the knowledge, revelation, and gifts. Continue to lay them at My feet, not forgetting to keep your eyes on Me, and we will walk together as I release My kingdom to and through you.

Again, I exhort you to continue staying in My rest and take no other work upon yourself. Take nothing into your own hands but leave everything in Mine. I am the one who purifies you and makes you spotless. You are my bride. I cherish, love, protect, and provide for you in every way. My peace I give to you.