The Mighty Oak Tree


There once was a mighty man of God who met a woman who was not as seasoned in the things of the Lord.   He took her under his wing and began to disciple and mentor her.  She ultimately fell in love with the Lord and began to grow spiritually. Eventually this man and woman married.  He continued to teach, counsel, guide and love her.

After time she began to feel as though she wasn’t hearing from the Lord as well as her husband and she couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong.  One night she had a dream of a huge mature oak tree and underneath was a little sapling.  She asked the Lord what this meant.  He said to her, “Your husband is the mature oak tree and you are the sapling.   You are not growing because you are being overshadowed by your husband.  It is time for you to come out from under his covering into My “Son-light.”

So here is our question for this season:  Are we the large oak tree hovering over our “saplings” whom the Lord has allowed us to bring into His Kingdom?  If so, we may need to get out of His way.  It’s one thing to love and encourage, but it is another to take ownership and control.  We can trust Him to do in them what He purposes to do in order for them to step into their destiny.

Or are we the sapling who wants more of what we see God doing in the lives of others, but seem to be stuck in our own growth?  It may be time to ask who and what is our strongest influence.  What voice are we listening to?  Perhaps it is time to “come out from under” and step into His glorious presence in order to fully receive what He has for us, to grow into that mighty strong and mature oak tree of faith and righteousness.

Happy Transplanting!