A New Season - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce

Cal Pierce

Michelle and I pray that your Holidays will be filled with the joy of the Lord!

We are winding down one of our most exciting years. Healing Rooms are growing globally into 77 nations and over 3000 locations. The need for these Kingdom centers in cities is ever increasing as the world becomes darker.

We have been busy developing marketplace ministry here in Spokane at the home office. The Holy Spirit has given us vision to expand our bookstore and make it available to the city. Our cafe and kitchen is being turned into the Vineyard Cafe and Coffee Shop. It will not only service our staff, team and guests but also the community around us. Also, we are developing in our warehouse, The Loft, which is a boutique with new and gently used clothing, home decor items and vintage furniture.

We are moving into a whole new season, where the work of the ministry not only fulfills the vision and call of Healing Rooms but also produces the resources to drive it. The process of becoming more of a destination ministry at our international location and blessing the city of Spokane, also helps to fulfill vision. This is Kingdom and becomes win/win to all. Additionally, we have  began a house of worship and prayer in our Training Center. God has provided us with an amazing facility and now is the time to utilize it fully.

If we are going to see God's Kingdom increase on the earth then we need to see His people who carry it increase on the earth as well. The Kingdom that we are to release must also be the Kingdom that we first experience. God is not just a God of healing but He is also our provider. All that His Kingdom has is available to us as our inheritance.