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David Wylie

It is that time of year! Time to get that wish list out. Time to start dropping hints about what you want to see under that tree for yourself too. A friend of mine was smart. He just posted that he wanted the Passion Translation books right on his facebook page. It takes the guess work out. So as you prepare for Christmas we want to remind you of three quick things. 1. All your online bookstore purchases with us go to support the work of Jesus' healing around the world. 2. We have a huge selection of gift items for you to choose from for every age group. So take a look at all the categories of gifts and music we have before you check out. 3. Also we have a new look in the online store. Take a look . Well below you will see titles that are on my wish list. Hint hint. just kidding. :) I want to specifically highlight the book Making Of A Leader by Robert J. Clinton. This book offers some very important tools for us. He takes a look at what it takes to finish a life of ministry well. We need you for the long haul so please get this book. It will help you as well as give you tools to help other leaders finish a long life of ministry and leadership strong. Merry Christmas!

David Wylie

On Earth As It Is In Heaven by C. Peter Wagner On Earth As It Is In Heaven by C. Peter Wagner B-243-931

There has been an intense and growing debate in recent years regarding "dominionism" and what it means for Christians’ involvement in business, politics, education, entertainment and other realms of societal influence. Now Dr. Peter Wagner brings Spirit-inspired clarity to the conversation with Kingdom Reformation, the essential guide for believers who want to impact our world for God’s kingdom. This invaluable study examines powerful strategies God has revealed to His people in recent days and answers persistent questions with clear, biblical wisdom: Is wealth a legitimate tool of the Church? How do today’s workplace apostles lead in spiritual battle? Does God allow His people to make some decisions about the future? How is dominion theology operational in our world today? This groundbreaking study lays a biblical, theological and inspirational foundation for the mandate God has given His people.

Published July 2012

Author: C. Peter Wagner

 Making Of A Leader (Revised) by Rober J. Clinton Making Of A Leader (Revised) by Rober J. Clinton B-950-750

The Making of a Leader [Revised and Updated]
The Making of a Leader shows how God works in the lives of individuals to help
them become more deliberate leaders. By studying 3,500 historical,
biblical, and contemporary leaders, author J. Robert Clinton presents six stages
of leadership development to help your customers determine where they are
in the process and what steps to take next.
This revised-and-updated edition expands on testing patterns, including
integrity and obedience checks. An ideal resource for pastors or those in
authority positions, this book equips readers to discover what type of leader
they can become in order to serve God, the church, and their community.
• Includes expanded appendices and endnotes that point the
reader to additional resources
• Features definitions and examples of leadership values
• Has a personal application section at the end of each chapter
• Paints a picture of future stages for the reader’s career
• Describes “process items” in which God brings the reader to key
decision points

 Pocket Dictionary Of Theological Terms by Stanley Grenz Pocket Dictionary Of Theological Terms by Stanley Grenz B-344-493

Beginning to study theology is like stepping into a conversation that has been going on for two thousand years.

How do you take part in this conversation--or even make sense of it--if you don't understand the vocabulary or know the contributions made by other participants?

The Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms is the perfect companion to your theological studies. Among its three hundred-plus definitions are:
* English terms, from accomodation to wrath of God
* foreign terms, from a posteriori to via media
* theological movements and traditions, from the Alexandrian School to Wesleyanism
* theologians, from Anselm of Canterbury to Ulrich Zwingli

Here is an affordable and easily accessible resource for your theological readings, lectures and writing assignments. It's a must-have for every beginning theological student!