Twelve O'clock - Thomas Benson


Thomas Benson

Thomas Benson

On the back wall of our conference center there is a large wall clock. For a long time I thought that it was just a decoration since it never actually told time. Several weeks ago as I walked by it, I stopped and turn both the minute and the hour hand to 12:00 for no reason. A few days later I walked by the clock again and turned the time to 12:00, I don’t know why it just seemed like the thing to do. This went on for several weeks, I would walk by, turn the clock to 12:00 and continue on with my day, not processing why it never seemed to stay at 12:00.

Then one morning during our live worship time I was walking to the back of the room praying and found myself at that clock, so I reached up and turned it to 12:00. All of a sudden I thought to myself, "Why am I always turning this clock to 12:00?" The Lord began to speak to me and said, “When you change the time to 12:00 it is either 12:00 noon, the brightest time of the day, or else it is 12:00 midnight, the darkest part of the night. Both are a reality and you get to choose which reality you are going to walk in. You can see and focus on all the darkness that is coming and struggle with that reality and the fear that it brings, or you can focus your eyes on the reality of what I am doing and will do in the earth, and be filled with peace. The choice is yours.”

It is wise to be able to discern the times and the seasons, especially now. I want to encourage you to use caution in what you allow your eyes to see and what you allow your ears to hear. We have the ability to determine our own future and our own reality but it will take diligence and being persistent in finding that place of intimacy where no matter how the storm may rage we are in perfect peace.

So choose wisely, beloved, there are many that will be looking to you for answers. This is your ‘Time’ for you to rise up!

P.S. About a week ago one of our department heads asked why I was always changing the time to 12:00 since he had just repaired the clock and now was always having to reset it! I guess it was also time for a good laugh.