From Ipswich, Australia

A woman recently attend a Healing Rooms training  in Brisbane after having initially been introduced to the Healing Rooms by a church friend two years earlier...

...I was given a scripture from the lady seated behind me, from another healing room. She touched me on the back and said, 'This is for you.'

I was so humbled it's hard to put into words. I was asked to look in the mirror because Abba loves you as you are... to be blessed like that is so wonderful! How God sees you. 

The Holy Spirit is wonderful. The Healing Rooms is a wonderful place to share your heart. Very encouraging and uplifting... They are such a blessing. How these lovely people come together in unity. 

My life has slowly changed and I'm being transformed.

I just wanted to share with you and to say 'thank you' for the Healing Rooms and the book I purchased Preparing the Way. God bless you!


From Healing Rooms of Pasadena, CA -

Maria came in from Mexico City with her husband.  She was in immense pain and hobbling on a cane.  She shared that she had “Metallic” poisoning and the doctors were hopeful that the poison would eventually leave her system.  After healing prayer she was still hobbling on a cane, but as she made her way to the car, she was completely healed.  She came back into our rooms walking without a came and, crying tears of joy, proclaimed that the pain was gone and she could walk again!