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Arty Bartlett
Arty Bartlett

Yaaay! Brittney Mitchell was back for the first time this year ready to teach the kiddo's about how the light of Jesus shines through you and onto others! This was demonstrated by each of the kids getting their own glow stick. Along with that, we brought up that when you are so filled up with God and His Spirit, you are like a sponge so full of water that with every step you will 'leak' His presence. So with every squishy footstep and hands like wet sponges, flinging His presence throughout the short walk from the classroom to the prayer rooms to pray, everyone along the way was getting doused in the spirit, including the kids!

As our group prayed over the paper of the first person to receive prayer, it was clear that the kids were to 'leak' and 'light' their way in prayer.  Hilarious and very effective, the laughing was contagious and the healing was noted. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the most pain, the person prayed for went from an 8 to a zero! Their countenance changed and the look of pain even left their face and they were able to joke around with everyone.

The next two people prayed for by the kids got a similar prayer 'technique' with the same results! Can't you just hear the angels in heaven laughing with Jesus?!

If you are interested in starting a Healing Rooms Kids prayer team in your Healing Room, material is available in our online bookstore.

Having some fun in the Kingdom,

Arty Bartlett - Kids Teacher