Lola Copenhaver, Bismarck, ND -

Healing Rooms in Bismarck participated in The Big Event, a free carnival for families. We had our “Prayer of Blessing” tent there and prayed for 299 people in 3 hours!! It was so much fun! The Tribune covered the event (see pictures and captions below). One woman was instantly healed of a rotator cup injury– and she testified to the reporter taking pictures.
Prayer of Blessing tent
Above in the room at left Steve Boelter, left, raises his hands and prays for a family. In the room at right Dette Ruggles, left, and Betty Martz, center, pray for Carla Christopherson of Mandan..

Woman healed from rotator cuff injury
Carla Christopherson, of Mandan, holds her right arm over her head after leaving the Prayer of Blessing booth at The Big Event-Free Carnival on Saturday afternoon. "My rotator cup is ripped and I needed surgery and those two ladies prayed on it and the pain went away," said Christopherson adding "my doctor is not going to be happy."

David Hauser, Pasadena Healing Rooms -

We prayed for someone recently who had surgery to remove a brain tumor the size of a small orange. The doctor had removed it but found it still had some cancer cells left. Also there were parts of the tumor that were unreachable.

However, when they returned for a second MRI, the surgeon was speechless. He said he had never seen anything like it in his practice, the unreachable part of the tumor had disappeared!

I believe this should be the norm and these are the kinds of things the Pasadena Healing Rooms (and all Healing Rooms worldwide) are praying for. The more united we are in His love, the more miracles will happen.