Prophetic Word - Jim White


Jim White 8-2014
Jim White

I keep hearing the Lord say to me, "I'm getting ready to release a major revival in this city (Spokane). This revival will impact the entire city of Spokane. I will do great and mighty things in this revival that shall attract national and international attention.

Man must keep his hands off of this. There will be those who will try to control it under the cloak of stewarding it. This must not happen. Man must stay out of My way. Anyone who allows pride to creep in and take credit for what I'm doing in Spokane, I will most definitely remove that individual.

This is not a ministry thing, a church thing nor a denominational thing. It's a sovereign move of My Holy Spirit. The signs, wonders and miracles many have longed to see shall occur in this outpouring of revival. Coming with it shall be a restoration of broken hearts, homes, relationships and friendships.

A mighty wave of repentance will envelop this city causing an onslaught of souls coming into My Kingdom. The light of My glory shall shine so brightly in this revival that it shall effortlessly expose the hearts of man, including those of church and ministry leaders. A re-visitation of the days of Ananias and Sapphira is back and I shall re-ignite the fear of the Lord in the hearts of My people. Miraculous deliverance shall come to those in bondage and addiction which shall release such a wave of My Holy Spirit's joy that it shall cover thousands and thousands in its path.

I'm calling My people back to the secret place with Me. I'm about to release many into their destinies. Healing Rooms shall play a major role in this epic move of God, thus becoming revival centers as well. What I'm about to release in Spokane won't stay in Spokane but will cover the earth. My Spirit is moving all over the earth, seeking out those who are on the My side in this hour. The result of this revival will be a clear distinction of those who stand for righteousness and holiness from those who have a form of godliness but are powerless. My answer to terrorism is an army that is on its feet, has its faith in Me and doesn't try to entice others with intellectualism but moves in the power and demonstration of My Holy Spirit!"

For the last three nights I've been awakened with these words running through my mind and spirit. I give them with an open hand and say, "Lord Jesus, let it be so!!!"