Divine Healing of Issue of Blood

I contacted you a couple of months ago, requesting prayer for an issue of blood.

I was urinating pure blood along with blood clots. Having had terminal cancer
a few years ago (healed by faith by the Word and the Blood and Stripes of Jesus) ...
the symptoms this time looked bad.

Instead of running to an ER or cancer center, I stood on my faith and called on you
for prayer and an anointed prayer cloth. Had I gone to a hospital, they would have given
nothing but a bad report. The Bible says not to receive an "evil report" down into your spirit.

My only option was divine healing. God is faithful. The issue of blood totally stopped and has not
returned... and according to Nahum 1:9 "this affliction shall not arise a second time." Glory!

Thank you for your faithfulness in helping me and others. Your rewards will be great. May God
richly bless you, and I know He will and shall.

Georgia R. Lawson

Healing from Lung Cancer

In June of 2014 I was told I had lung cancer. At that moment I knew that I had to go through this, and it would glorify God!
I went to Healing Rooms Ministries and everyone I know also prayed for me. I did have half of my right lung removed.
The doctor got all of the cancer out at one time, no chemo. Nothing more after that. Three weeks after that I had an x-ray.
My doctor thought he got my x-ray mixed up with one of his heart patients, because I had no scarring, my lung was perfect.
They couldn't see where they did surgery.

Praise God!

Pamela LaMere

Leg and Back Healed in California

While in Cali I was able to go to Palm Desert to see my new mom. She introduced me to her friend Roger, 77 years old, who was having back problems. His doctor said that one leg was shorter than the other, causing him pain and spasms. I prayed for him and he said he felt something happening. Today I got a call that he had gone to the doctor, and the doctor said, "Your legs are even." Roger then told the doctor, "I had hands laid on me for healing prayer and God healed me."  The doctor acknowledged his testimony, saying, "Well, then it worked."

Seeing a life touched never gets old. Yay God!

Linda Keough